UET Lahore Unveils Spectacular Alumni Reunion Day: A Confluence of Excellence and Legacy
Dec 26, 2023 - Jan 26, 2024
The University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore recently played host to a momentous gathering as it orchestrated the Alumni Reunion Day on December 22, 2023. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout, with over 500 esteemed alumni converging from diverse government and private sectors, as well as renowned departments. Notably, international alumni chapters added a global touch, with participation both in person and virtually.
The occasion was graced by the distinguished presence of Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Habib ur Rehman, who provided a comprehensive update on the university's progress, marking milestones and advancements. In a pivotal moment, the Vice Chancellor unveiled the much-anticipated Alumni Card, symbolizing the enduring connection between UET and its alumni. The first card was ceremoniously presented to the venerable Engr Masood Ali Khan (1961 Electrical), a trailblazer in the UET legacy.
Engr Ahmad Naveed, the diligent head of the Alumni Office at UET Lahore, took the stage to illuminate attendees on the impressive strides made by the Alumni Office. He underscored the significance of alumni registration on the university's online portal, elucidating the plethora of perks and benefits it affords. The launch of the Alumni Card, a tangible token of affiliation, added a symbolic layer to the event.
Distinguished Vice Chancellors from various universities lent their presence, further enriching the gathering with academic wisdom and camaraderie. Past Vice Chancellors of UET Lahore Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid and Prof. Dr. Aziz Akbar graced the occasion, adding a nostalgic aura to the festivities.
Prof Dr. Naveed Ramzan, convener of Alumni Reunion Comittee, the driving force behind the Alumni Reunion Committee, delivered a heartfelt note of thanks, expressing gratitude to donor alumni for their invaluable contributions. The generosity of these alumni has significantly contributed to the university's growth and prosperity.
In a poignant segment of the event, Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Habib ur Rehman bestowed honorary shields upon deserving UET alumni, recognizing their outstanding contributions. The recipients stood as beacons of excellence, embodying the university's commitment to fostering leaders and innovators.
The attendees, comprising a diverse spectrum of UET alumni, showered accolades upon the management team for orchestrating a flawless and enchanting event. The Alumni Reunion Day transcended the realms of a conventional gathering, emerging as a testament to the enduring legacy and unwavering spirit of UET Lahore.


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