Two days RESCUE 1122 Training Workshop Organized by Mechanical Engineering Department, New Campus KSK
Dec 7, 2023 - Jan 7, 2024

In a proactive initiative towards ensuring student safety and preparedness, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KSK organized a comprehensive two-day training session focused on the Basic Life Support Safety Course from 17-18 October 2023. The training was managed by Dr. Muhammad Farooq, who is a course instructor of Health, safety, and Industrial Environment subject. This training, aimed at equipping students with crucial life-saving skills, was facilitated by a dedicated team of experts from RESCUE 1122, operating under the Pakistan Life Saver Program.

The exhaustive and interactive nature of the training fostered an environment conducive to learning and practical skill development. Throughout the sessions, students actively engaged in learning various aspects of basic life support, including first aid techniques, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), handling emergencies, and understanding crucial protocols for responding to health crises effectively.

The expertise and guidance offered by the team from RESCUE 1122 ensured that the students gained valuable insights and hands-on experience in dealing with emergencies. Practical demonstrations, simulations, and interactive sessions were incorporated to provide a holistic understanding of life-saving procedures.

Dr. Shahid Imran, Chairman of the department appreciated the efforts and dedication of the organizing team led by Dr. Muhammad Farooq and Dr. Adnan Qamar for organizing this wonderful practical activity. Speaking with the Rescue team and students, he states ‘’This initiative by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at KSK signifies a commitment to prioritizing student, staff and faculty safety and well-being. By collaborating with seasoned professionals from RESCUE 1122, the department not only empowered students with life-saving skills but also fostered a culture of preparedness and responsibility’’.

The training concluded with participants gaining certifications in Basic Life Support Safety, empowering them to act promptly and effectively during unforeseen medical emergencies. The Department of Mechanical Engineering looks forward to further collaborations and initiatives aimed at nurturing a proactive and safety-conscious student community



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