One Day Workshop on “GHAR: (Green Housing, Affordable, Resilient) Challenges and Opportunities”
Nov 24, 2023 - Dec 24, 2023

One Day Workshop on “GHAR: (Green Housing, Affordable, Resilient) Challenges and Opportunities” is going to be held on 5th December, 2023.

This capacity-building workshop is designed for architects, urban planners, and engineers to gain insights into the key aspects of sustainable housing, focusing on resilience against multiple disasters and the integration of green initiatives for energy conservation and carbon reduction. To better understand the housing problems of Pakistan. To consider how architects and engineers can engage in the design, development, and delivery of housing and settlements that are adaptive to climate change.

Housing in Pakistan, the problems and possibilities. Green Technology and Housing Resilient Housing, Opportunities and Suggestions Affordability meaning, Strategies, implications for housing. 

Registration fee for professionals = Rs 500 per participant

Account No: 01287902267903

Habib Bank Limited, UET Branch, Lahore

Faculty and students (postgraduate and final year)  from Civil Engineering, Department of City & Regional Planning, Department of Architecture, Department of Architecture Engineering and Design, and Department of Product and Industrial Design, UET., Lahore can join free of cost

Note: Certificates will be awarded to attendees, HI- Tea and Lunch are also Included, Professionals are supposed to upload payment, and proof of UET students would be required.

Lahore is supposed to upload student card




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