International Conference On Open Source System And Technology 2023
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Dec 14, 2023 - Jan 14, 2024

17th International Conference on Open Source Systems and Technologies (ICOSST)

Welcome to ICOSST 2023, a distinguished international forum dedicated to the exploration and advancement of Open Source Systems and Technologies. As a pivotal event in the field, ICOSST 2023 offers a unique interdisciplinary platform that blends distributed enterprise computing with e-government insights.

At the heart of our conference is the commitment to leveraging Open Source Software (OSS) to redefine the norms of software application design, implementation, and usage. OSS emerges not just as a source of innovative architectural solutions but also as a foundation for robust, cross-platform frameworks essential for large-scale distributed systems.

This year, ICOSST 2023 is embracing flexibility by adopting a hybrid format. Participants have the freedom to present either virtually or in person, fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment. We are thrilled to host this event at the Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science, UET Lahore, and are honored by our technical co-sponsorship and collaboration with IEEE Computer & Communication Societies, Lahore Section, (R10), Pakistan.

Spanning two days, ICOSST 2023 aims to be a melting pot of ideas, welcoming researchers and practitioners from across the globe. It’s an opportunity to share experiences, discuss the latest developments, and forecast the future of Open Source systems and technologies.

Our Focus Areas:

ICOSST 2023 welcomes a diverse range of contributions in various domains of Open Source systems:

  1. Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs).
  2. Software and Systems Engineering.
  3. Smart Cities & E-Governance.
  4. Open Metaverse and Virtual Reality.
  5. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
  6. Cloud Computing and Big Data.
  7. Network, Communications, and Cyber Security.
  8. Internet of Things (IoT).
  9. Autonomous Systems and Robotics.


Join us at ICOSST 2023 to be part of a transformative experience that shapes the future of open- source systems and technologies!



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