List of Publications Basic Sciences and Humanities (FSD Campus) Department UET Lahore

1 - "Revisiting the Synthesis of Betti Bases: Facile, One-pot, and Efficient Synthesis of Betti Bases Promoted by FeCl3128;¢ 6H2O" Ramsha Iftikhar, Ameer F Zahoor, Sajjad Ahmad, Shazia Naheed, Current Organic Synthesis, 19/5 , 2022

2 - "Synthesis of cyclic α-pinane carbonate – a potential monomer for bio-based polymers" Sajjad Ahmad and Adam P. Harvey Valentine C. Eze, Abdul Rehman, Manthan Patel, RSC Advances, 12, 2022

3 - "Semianalytical Approach for the Approximate Solution of Delay Differential Equations" Xiankang Luo,Mustafa Habib,Shazia Karim, USA, Volume 2022, 2022

4 - "Numerical Investigation of the Nonlinear Coupled Fractional Massive Thirring Equation Using Two-Scale Approach Jinxing" Jinxing Liu,Mustafa Habib,Shazia Karim,, Complexity, USA, 2022, 2022

5 - "A New Iterative Method for the Approximate Solution of Klein- Gordon and Sine-Gordon Equations" Muhammad Nadeem,Mustafa Habib,Shazia Karim,, USA, Volume 2022, 2022

6 - "ABC Fractional Derivative for the Alcohol Drinking Model using Two-Scale Fractal Dimension" Qura Tul Ain,1 T. Sathiyaraj ,2 Shazia Karim,3 Muhammad Nadeem ,4 and Patrick Kandege Mwanakatwe , USA, 2022, 2022

7 - "Optimal variational iteration method for parametric boundary value problem" Qura Tul Ain , Muhammad Nadeem, Shazia Karim, Ali Akgül and Fahd Jarad*, USA, 2022, 2022

8 - "Identification of numerical solutions of a fractal-fractional divorce epidemic model of nonlinear systems via anti-divorce counseling" Maysa Al Qureshi,Sobia Sultana,Shazia Karim,Saima Rashid , USA, 2022, 2022

9 - "Bifurcation Analysis of Travelling Waves and Multi-rogue Wave Solutions for a Nonlinear Pseudo-Parabolic Model of Visco-Elastic Kelvin-Voigt Fluid" Sabur Uddin, Shazia Karim, F. S.Harun O Rashid, Alshammari,N.F,M Noor., USA, 2022, 2022

10 - "Closed-form formula for a classical system of matrix equations" A. Rehman, I. Kyrchei, I.A. khan, M. Nasir, I. Ali, United Kingdom, 29:1/2022, 2022

11 - "Solving and Algorithm to System of Quaternion Sylvester-Type Matrix Equations with -Hermicity " A. Rehman, I. Kyrchei, Swiss, 2022, 2022

12 - "New Developments on Operator Reverse AM-GM Inequality for Positive Linear Maps" Shazia Karim, Ilyas Ali, Muhammad Mushtaq, China, 38, 2022

13 - "Cross-coupling reactions towards the synthesis of natural products" Shaheera Tabassum, Ameer Fawad Zahoor, Sajjad Ahmad, Razia Noreen, Samreen Gul Khan, Hamad Ahmad, Springer International Publishing,, 2021

14 - "Solvability Conditions and General Solution of a System of Matrix Equations Involving η-Skew-Hermitian Quaternion Matrices" Abdur Rehman, Israr Ali Khan, Robina Anjum, Iftikhar Hussain, , Swiss, 10(3), 2021

15 - "New developments on Operator reverse AM-GM inequalities for positive linear maps" Shazia Karim,Ilyas Ali,Muhammad Mushtaq, China, 2021, 2021

16 - "Some Formulas on the Drazin Inverse for the Sum of Two Matrices and Block Matrices." Abdul Shakoor, Ilyas Ali, Samad Wali, Abdur Rehman, Iran, 48, 2021

17 - "Constraint Solution of a Classical System of Quaternion Matrix Equations and Its Cramers Rule" Abdur Rehman, Ivan Kyrchei, Ilyas Ali, Muhammad Akram, Abdul Shakoor, Iran, 45, 2021

18 - "Some Formulas on the Drazin Inverse for the sum of two Matrices and Block Matrices" A. Shakoor, I. Ali, S. Wali, A. Rehman, Iran, 2021, 2021

19 - "Constraint solution of a classical system of quaternion matrix equations and its Cramer’s rule" A. Rehman, I. Kyrchei, I. Ali, A. Shakoor, M. Akram, , Iran, 2021, 2021

20 - ". Fabrication & characterization of Chitosan coated biologically synthesized TiO 2 nanoparticles against PDR E. coli of Veterinary Origin" Zafar N, Uzair B, Niazi M B K, Sajjad S, Samin G, Arshed M J, Rafiq S, Advances in polymer technology., 2020, 2020

21 - "Further Expressions on the Drazin Inverse for Block Matrix" Abdul Shakoor, Ilyas Ali, Samad Wali, Abdur Rehman, Iran, 44, 2020

22 - "Some generalizations of retarded nonlinear integral inequalities and its applications " Abdul Shakoor, Ilyas Ali, Samad Wali, Abdur Rehman, Croatia, 14, 2020

23 - "Constraint mixed type generalized sylvester quaternion matrix equations" Abdur Rehman, Ivan Kyrchei, Ilyas Ali, Muhammad Akram, Abdul Shakoor, USA, 2020, 2020

24 - "Electrospray deposited MoS2 nanosheets as an electron transporting material for high efficiency and stable perovskite solar cells" Khalid Mahmood, Arshi Khalid, Syed Waqas Ahmad, Haji Ghulam Qutab, Madsar Hameed, Rabia Sharif, Solar Energy , 203 (32-36), 2020

25 - "Explicit Formulas and Determinantal Representation for η-Skew-Hermitian Solution to a System of Quaternion Matrix Equations" Abdur Rehman, Ivan Kyrchei, Ilyas Ali, Muhammad Akram, Abdul Shakoor, Serbia, 34, 2020

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