List of Publications Chemical Polymer & Composite Material Engineering (New Campus) Department UET Lahore

1 - "Effect of electrochemical reaction on steam adsorption during methane reforming on a Ni-GDC anode" Zhou, Shou Han Omanga, Elwyn Tabish, Asif Nadeem Cai, Weiwei Fan, Liyuan, Fuel, 332/2022, 2023

2 - "Degradation of Sulfoxaflor Pesticide in Aqueous Solutions Utilizing Photocatalytic Ozonation with the Simultaneous Use of Titanium Dioxide and Iron Zeolite Catalysts" Muhammad Raashid, Mohsin Kazmi, Amir Ikhlaq, Tanveer Iqbal, Muhammad Sulaiman,Abdul Mannan Zafar, Ashraf Aly Hassan​, Water (Switzerland) , 15(7) , 2023

3 - "Editorial on Emerging Trends in Polymeric Materials Research and Applications" Muhammad Imran Rashid, Non-Metallic Material Science, 2023, 2023

4 - "Enhancing the surface area stability of the cerium oxide reverse water gas shift nanocatalyst via reverse microemulsion synthesis" Muhammad Waqas Iqbal, Yue Yu, David SA Simakov, Catalysis Today, 407/2023, 2023

5 - "Editorial: GHG Emissions and Role of Polymeric Materials in Mitigation" Muhammad Imran Rashid, Non-Metallic Material Science, 2022, 2022

6 - "Heterogeneous Catalyzed Biodiesel Production Using Cosolvent: A Mini Review." Khan H.M., Iqbal T, Yasin S, Irfan M, et al., Switzerland, 14, 5062, 2022

7 - "Effect of H2S and HCl Contaminants on Nickel and Ceria Pattern Anode Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" Tabish, A N Patel, H C Mani, A Schoonman, J Aravind, P V, Electrochimica Acta, 423/2022, 2022

8 - "Advances on methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells" Fan, Liyuan Biert, Lindert Van Zhou, Shou-han Nadeem, Asif Mokhov, Anatoli Vellayani, Purushothaman Cai, Weiwei, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 166/2022, 2022

9 - "A review on mathematical modelling of Direct Internal Reforming- Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" Hafiz Hamza Faheem, Syed Zaheer Abbas, Asif Nadeem Tabish, Liyuan Fan, Fahad Maqbool, Journal of Power Sources, 520/2022, 2022

10 - "Experimental investigation of a hybrid configuration of solar thermal collectors and desiccant indirect evaporative cooling system" Ditta, Allah Tabish, Asif Nadeem Mujtaba, M. A. Amjad, Muhammad Yusuf, Abdulfatah Abdu Chaudhary, Ghulam Qadar Razzaq, Luqman Abdelrahman, Anas Kalam, M. A., Frontiers in Energy Research, 10/2022, 2022

11 - "High strength insulating polymeric composite based on recycled/virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET) reinforced with hydrous magnesium silicate (talc)" Sher Afgan, Nehar Ullah, Muhammad Sulaiman, Irshad Ali, Tanveer Iqbal, Mohammad Younas, Mashallah Rezakazemi, Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 21/2022, 2022

12 - "Electron donors and mediators in the thermodynamics and kinetics of CO2 bioreduction" Kazmi M, irfan M, Zhou L et. al.,, UK, 156C, 2022

13 - "Adsorption and Diffusion Behaviors of CO2 and CH4 Mixtures in Different Types of Kerogens and Their Roles in Enhanced Energy Recovery" Shan S, Gang H, Liu Y-F, Zhou L, et al, Irfan M, Switzerland, 14(22), 2022

14 - "Effect of Pretreatment Parameters and Binder Concentration on the Densification of Wood Residue" Sarwar M A, Irfan M, et al.,, -, -, 2022

15 - "Influence of Sintering Temperature on the Structural, Morphological, and Electrochemical Properties of NiO-YSZ Anode Synthesized by the Autocombustion Route." Muneeb Irshad, Muhammad Rafique, Asif Nadeem Tabish, Abdul Ghaffar, Ahmad Shakeel, Khurram Siraj, Qurat ul Ain, Rizwan Raza, Mohammed Ali Assiri and Muhammad Imran, Metals/Switzerland, 12, 219 (2022), 2022

16 - "Novel hybrid treatment for pharmaceutical wastewater implying catalytic ozonation with Ni-Co Zeolite 5A catalyst followed by ceramic membrane Filtration" Zafar Masood, Amir Ikhlaq *, Hafiz Abdul Aziz, Osama Shaheen Rizvi, Mohsin Kazmi,, Umair Yaqub Qazi, Osama Shaheen Rizvi, Fei Qi, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 2022, 2022

17 - "Microstructural and mechanical characterization of high strength porcelain insulators for power transmission and distribution applications" Muhammad Yousaf, Tanveer Iqbal, Muhammad Asif Hussain*, Asif Nadeem Tabish, Ehsan Ul Haq, Muhammad Hamid Siddiqi, Saima Yasin, Hamayoun Mahmood, Ceramics International, 48/2022, 2022

18 - "abrication of NH2-MIL-125 (Ti)/Polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber mixed matrix membranes for removal of environmentally hazardous CO2 gas" SH Ding, PC Oh, H Mukhtar, A Jamil, Netherland, 2022, 2022

19 - "Evaluation of Physiochemical, Thermal and Kinetic Properties of Wheat Straw by Demineralising with Leaching reagents for Energy Applications" Muhammad Hamid Siddiqi, Xiao-min Liu, Muhammad Asif Hussain, Tayyab Qureshi, Asif Nadeem Tabish, Hafiz Umair Lateef, Hassan Zeb, Muhammad Farooq, Saba Nawaz, Saher Nawaz, Energy, 238/2022, 2022

20 - "Optimization of carboxylated graphene oxide (C-GO) content in polymer matrix: Synthesis, characterization, and application study" ZA Rehan, M Zahid, S Kanwal, N Nadeem, A Hafeez, A Jamil, Netherland, 2022, 2022

21 - "Influence of alternating magnetic field's frequency and exposure time on distribution of α‐Fe2O3/TiO2 fillers for gas separation membranes: Quantitative approach" YK Yap, PC Oh, TL Chew, Jamil A, Netherland, 2022, 2022

22 - "Tuneable molecular selective Boron Nitride nanosheet ultrafiltration lamellar membrane for Dye exclusion from Aqueous Solution" Hafeez, ZA Karim, Ahmad F Ismail, A Jamil, Netherland, 2022, 2022

23 - "Recent Progress in Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Alkane (C2–C4) to Alkenes in a Fluidized Bed Reactor Under Mixed Metallic Oxide Catalyst" Z. Ullah, M Khan, I Khan, A Jamil, Switzerland, 2022, 2022

24 - "Novel CO2 Separation Membranes" Asif Jamil, Muhammad Latif, Alamin Idris Abdulgadir, Danial Qadir, England, 2022, 2022

25 - "A comprehensive overview of advanced oxidation process assisted mono-ethanolamine degradation in aqueous phase: Current advances" Atif Khan, Hamayoun Mahmood, Saima Yasin, Muhammad Moniruzzaman, Tanveer Iqbal , Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering , 10 (2022) 3, 108078 , 2022

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