List of Publications Institute of Business & Management Department UET Lahore

1 - "Role of Ethical Leadership in Improving Employee Outcomes through the Work Environment, Work-Life Quality and ICT Skills: A Setting of ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor " Maria Khan, Asif Mahmood, Muhammad Shoaib, MDPI, 22 June 2022 , 2022

2 - " Span of Supervision and Repercussions of Envy: The Moderating Role of Meaningful Work" Maria Khan, Asif Mahmood, Hafiz Muhammad Burhan Tariq , Frontiers in Psychology , 04 January 2022, 2022

3 - "Risk perception and cost of capital in emerging market projects using dynamic conditional correlation model" Farman Afzal, Ayesha Shehzad, Hafiz Muhammad Rehman, Fahim Afzal, Mohammad Mushfiqul Haque Mukit , International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (USA), 15, 2022

4 - "The impact of weak formal institutions on the different phases of the entrepreneurial process" Junaid Danish, He Zheng, Afzal Farman, Journal of Business Research ( United States), 144/2022, 2022

5 - "The Impact of Fintech and Banks M&A on Acquirer’s Performance: A Strategic Win or Loss" Quratulain Akhtar Safia Nosheen, Turkey, 22/22, 2022

6 - "Sequential Mediation Between Night Shift and Job Performance in The Context of Pakistan" Quratulain Akhtar Sadia Butt, Pakistan, 12/22, 2022

7 - "Joint Effect of In-Role Behavior and Task-Interdependence on Job Burnout Among Early Career Healthcare Professionals" Farman Sara, Waliha, Sage Open /USA, 12/2022, 2022

8 - "Mediating Role of Innovation and Investment on the Relationship Between CSR and Firm Performance" Quratulain Akhtar Maryam Farooq Farman Afzal, United States of America, Global Conference on Services and Retail Management 2021, 2021

9 - "Perceived needs versus actual needs: Humanitarian Emergency Settings Perceived Needs (HESPER) adaptation in post-flood need assessment in Pakistan" Aisha Azhar, Muhammad Nasir Malik, Asif Muzaffar, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 59 / 2021, 2021

10 - "Internal Corporate Responsibility as a Legitimacy Strategy for Branding and Employee Retention: A Perspective of Higher Education Institutions" Amir Ikram, Muhammad Fiaz, Asif Mahmood, Ayyaz Ahmad, Rafiya Ashfaq , Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (Switzerland), 7(1), 52 / 2021 , 2021

11 - "Barriers Involve in the Energy Efficiency in the Manufacturing Industries of Pakistan" Sohaib Sharif Zafar, Muhammad Fiaz, Amir Ikram, Kanwal Iqbal Khan, Umaima Mehmood Qamar, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy (Turkey), 11(2) / 2021, 2021

12 - "Product Innovations through Ambidextrous Organizational Culture with Mediating Effect of Contextual Ambidexterity: An Empirical Study of IT and Telecom Firms" Muhammad Fiaz, Amir Ikram, Syed Khurram Jafri, Kanwal Naveed, Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (Switzerland), 7(1), 9 / 2021 , 2021

13 - "The Interplay between Corporate Social Responsibility at Employee Level, Ethical Leadership, Quality of Work Life and Employee Pro-Environmental Behavior: The Case of Healthcare Organizations" Edina Molnár, Asif Mahmood, Naveed Ahmad, Amir Ikram, Shah Ali Murtaza, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (Switzerland), 18(9), 4521 / 2021, 2021

14 - "Value-at-Risk Analysis for Measuring Stochastic Volatility of Stock Returns: Using GARCH-Based Dynamic Conditional Correlation Model" Fahim Afzal, Pan Haiying, Farman Afzal, Asif Mahmood, Amir Ikram, SAGE Open (United States), 11 (1) / 2021, 2021

15 - "Incremental Innovation through Adhocracy Culture: Mediating Evidence from the Intellectual Capital Triad" Razia Muneer, Muhammad Fiaz, Amir Ikram, International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change (United Kingdom), 15(6) / 2021, 2021

16 - "Risk Propagation in Healthcare Supply Chain using Fuzzy-ANP and Bayesian Inference" Fahim Afzal, Sheikh Usman Yousaf, Bushra Usman, Farman Afzal, Amir Ikram, Academic Journal of Social Sciences (Pakistan), 5(1) / 2021, 2021

17 - "Investigating the Effect of Eco-efficiency Actions on the Performance of European Small and Medium Enterprises" Sara Majid, Muhammad Akram Naseem, Ramiz Ur Rehman, Amir Ikram , European Journal of International Management (United Kingdom), 14(4) / 2020, 2020

18 - "Cost-risk contingency framework for managing cost overrun in metropolitan projects: using fuzzy-AHP and simulation" Afzal, Farman Yunfei, Shao Junaid, Danish Hanif, Muhammad Shehzad, England, 2020, 2020

19 - "Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility related to CEO Attributes: An Empirical Study" Fizzah Malik, Fangjun Wang, Muhammad Akram Naseem, Amir Ikram, Shahid Ali, SAGE Open (United States), 10(1) / 2020, 2020

20 - "Consumer’s Device Choice in E-Retail: Do Regulatory Focus and Chronotype Matter?" Syed Waqar Haider, Zhuang Guijun, Amir Ikram, Bilal Anwar, Transactions on Internet and Information Systems (South Korea), 14(1) / 2020 , 2020

21 - "Factors Affecting Staff Turnover of Young Academics: Job Embeddedness and Creative Work Performance in Higher Academic Institutions Imran" Shah, Imran Ahmed Yadav, Amit Afzal, Farman Shah, Syed Maqsood Zia Ahmed Junaid, Danish Azam, Sami Jonkman, Mirjam De Boer, Friso Ahammad, Ronju Shanmugam, Bharanidharan, Switzerland, 2020, 2020

22 - "Configuring the Drivers and Carriers of Process Innovation in Manufacturing Organizations" Asif Arshad Ali, Asif Mahmood, Amir Ikram, Ayyaz Ahmad, Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity (Switzerland), 6 (4) / 2020, 2020

23 - "Boosting up Operational Performance of Manufacturing Organizations through Interpretive Structural Modelling of Enabling Practices" Asif Arshad Ali, Asif Mahmood, Ayyaz Ahmad, Amir Ikram, Mathematical Problems in Engineering (United States)), Article #:8645343 / 2020 , 2020

24 - "Estimating the Economic Viability of Cotton Growers in Punjab Province, Pakistan" Wei Wei, Zulqarnain Mushtaq, Amir Ikram, Muhammad Faisal, Zhang Wan-Li, Muhammad Irshad Ahmad, SAGE Open (United States), 10(2) / 2020 , 2020

25 - "Organizational Justice and Employees’ Performance: A Study of an Emerging Economy" Muhammad Fiaz, Wasif Rasool, Amir Ikram, Nabeel Rehman, Human Systems Management (Netherlands), 1-12 / 2020, 2020

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