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"Comparative Evaluation of Glycine max L. and Alum for Turbid Water Treatment" Ghulam Hussain, Sajjad Haydar, Water, Air, & Soil Pollution (Impact factor 1.78), 231(2), 2020, 2020

"Cracking behavior of geopolymer concrete beams reinforced with steel and fiber reinforced polymer bars under flexural load" Khuram Rashid, Xiaoda Li, Yan Xie, Jun Deng,Faji Zhang , Composites Part B: Engineering, 2020 (186) 107777, 2020

"Marangoni Condensation of Steam-ethanol mixtures using low-ethanol concentrations" Hassan Ali, Muhammad Sajid Kamran, Muhammad Salman Abbasi, Jinkee Lee, Muhammad Zeeshan Rafique, Heat Transfer Research (Begell House), United States (USA) [IF: 0.404], 2020, 2020

"Deformation of neutrally buoyant droplet with clean and particle covered interface under an electric field" Muhammad Salman Abbasi, Haroon Farooq, and Hassan Ali, Pakistan, 1st International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICME), UET Lahore, January 29 -31,2020, 2020

"Use of Gasoline, LPG and LPG-HHO Blend in SI Engine: A Comparative Performance for Emission Control and Sustainable Environment" Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Naqvi, Muhammad Wajid Saleem, Jafar Hussain, Salman Raza Naqvi, Shahzaib Jahangir, Jazim Usama, Hafiz Muhammad, Saad Idrees, Anthony Anukam, USA, 8/2020, 2020

"The recovery of waste heat from the absorber vent gases of a CO2 capture unit by using membrane distillation technology for freshwater production" Asad Ullah, Mujeeb Iqbal Soomro, Woo-Seung Kim, Muhammad Wajid Saleem, Canada, 95/2020, 2020

"Performance evaluation of hybrid constructed wetlands for the treatment of municipal wastewater in developing countries " Sajjad Haydar, Mehwish Anis and Misbah Afaq, Chinese journal of chemical engineering (Impact Factor = 1.9), (2020), 2020

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