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"Novel carbon fibers synthesis, plasma functionalization, and application to polymer composites" A. Khan*, D. Dragatogiannis, P. Jagdale, M. Rovere, C. Rosso, A. Tagliaferro, C. Charitidis, Hungary, Vol (15) No.4, 2021, 2021

"Waste to life: Low-cost, self-standing, 2D carbon fiber green Li-ion battery anode made from end-of-life cotton textile" Pravin Jagdale*,Jijeesh Nair∗∗, Aamer Khan, Marco Armandi, Giuseppina Meligrana, Francisco Hernandez, Irene Rusakova, Erik Piatti, Massimo Rovere, Alberto Tagliaferro, Martin Winter , Claudio Gerbaldi, UK, 368/2021, 2021

"An investigation on recycling potential of sulfur concrete" Muhammad Ahsan Gulzar, Abdur Rahim, Babar Ali, Ammad Hassan Khan, Journal of Building Engineering, 33, 2021

"A study into crack initiation and growth in peroxide cured silica-filled polybutadiene rubber vulcanisate under a cyclic loading condition." Muhammad Farooq, Published in Journal of Rubber Research, 2021, 2021

"Cationic gemini surfactants containing biphenyl spacer as shale swelling inhibitor" Hafiz Mudaser Ahmad, Mobeen Murtaza, Muhammad Shahzad Kamal, S.M. Shakil Hussain, Mohamed Mahmoud, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 325 (2021) 115164, 2021

"Creep strain and recovery analysis of polypropylene composites filled with graphene nano filler" Ayesha Naz, Ibtsam Riaz, RashidJalil, Shama Afzal, Abdul Qayyum khan., Polymer Netherlands, 217(2021), 2021

"A Novel Modified T Slot to Realize Wideband Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for Low-Cost Planar 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS Applications" Hashibul Alam, Muhammad Yasir Jamal, IETE Journal of Research, Pages 1-6, 2021

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