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"Performance Evaluation of Newly Developed Generalized Correlations for the Prediction of Solar Diffuse Fraction for Various Climatic Regions" Muhammad Sumair, Tauseef Aized, Muhammad Mahmood Aslam Bhutta, Layba Tehreem, Muhammad Shoaib, ASME J. Sol. Energy Eng, Apr 2023, 145(2), 2023

"Design and Parametric Optimization of the High-Speed Pico Waterwheel for Rural Electrification of Pakistan" Muhammad Asim, Shoaib Muhammad, Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Abdullah, MA Mujtaba, MA Kalam, Mohamed Mousa, Manzoore Elahi M Soudagar, Sustainability, 14(11) / 2022, 2022

"Water Efficient, eco-friendly and Effluent Free Nano bubble Finishing of Cotton Fabric" Muhammad Mohsin, Shaheen Sardar, Muhammad Hasan, Khurram Shehzad Akhtar, Wardah Anam, Shahbaz Ijaz, Ahmad Hassan, Journal of Natural Fibers, 2022, 2022

"A Comparison of Performance, Emissions, and Lube Oil Deterioration for Gasoline– Ethanol Fuel" Wajahat Ahmed ,Dr Muhammad Usman , Muhammad Haris Shah , Muhammad Mujtaba Abbas , Muhammad Wajid Saleem , Muhammad Abul Kalam , Omar Mahmoud, Switzerland, 2022, 2022

"3D response surface modeling based in-situ assessment of physico-mechanical characteristics of alluvial soils using dynamic cone penetrometer" Usama Khalid, Zia ur Rehman, Hassan Mujtaba, Khalid Farooq, United Kingdom, 2022, 2022

"Sustainable and Low-cost Hemp FRP Composite Confinement of B-waste Concrete" Panuwat Joyklad, Ekkachai Yooprasertchai, Abdur Rahim, Nazam Ali, Krisada Chaiyasarn, Qudeer Hussain, Sustainability, 2022, 2022

"Editorial: GHG Emissions and Role of Polymeric Materials in Mitigation" Muhammad Imran Rashid, Non-Metallic Material Science, 2022, 2022

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