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"The Relation Between Residential Self-Selection and Urban Mobility in Middle Eastern Cities: the Case of Alexandria, Egypt" Masoumi, H., Ibrahim, M. R., & Aslam, A. B., Urban Forum / Netherlands, pp. 1-27/2021 , 2021

"Semiotics of rape in Pakistan: What’s missing in the digital illustrations?" Mehvish Riaz,, 2021, 2021

"Intelligent Cloud Based Load Balancing System Empowered with Fuzzy Logic" Atif Ishaq Khan, Syed Asad Raza Kazmi, Ayesha Atta, Muhammad Faheem Mushtaq, Muhammad Idrees, Ilyas Fakir, Muhammad Safyan, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Awais Qasim, CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA, 67 (1), 2021

"Evolution of kinetic and hydrothermal study of refused derived fuels: Thermo-gravimetric analysis" Muhammad Hamid Siddiqi, Xiao-min Liu, Muhammad Asif Hussain, Tayyab Qureshi, Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Farooq, Tanveer Iqbal, Saba Nawaz, Saher Nawaz, Energy Reports, 7/2021, 2021

"Numerical modelling of CO2 migration in heterogeneous sediments and leakage scenario for STEMM-CCS field experiments" Umer Saleem, Marius Dewar,Tariq Nawaz Chaudhary, Mehroz Sana, Anna Lichtschlag, Guttorm Alendal,Baixin Chen, Netherlands, 109/2021, 2021

"Towards Controlled Transmission: A Novel Power-Based Sparsity-Aware and Energy-Efficient Clustering for Underwater Sensor Networks in Marine Transport Safety" Isra Adil Haider, Sundas Naqib khan, Faisal Althobiani, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Idrees, Saeedullah, Faisal Aslaq, Electronics, 10 (7), 2021

"Investigation of Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Sustainable Ultrahigh Performance Concrete" Safeer Abbas, Wasim Abbass, Moncef L. Nehdi, Ali Ahmed and Muhammad Yousaf, Switzerland, 13(10)/2021, 2021

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