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"Energy-efficient removal of carbamazepine in solution by electrocoagulation-electrofenton using a novel P-rGO cathode" Zhihui Xiao, Tingyu Cui, Zhenbei Wang, Yan Dang, Meijie Zheng, Yixinfei Lin, Zilong Song, Yiping Wang, Chao Liu, Bingbing Xu, Amir Ikhlaq, Jolanta Kumirska, Ewa Maria Siedlecka, Fei Qi, Journal of Environmental Sciences (IF = 5.565), 115/2022, 2022

"A heat-integrated reactive distillation process for methyl lactate hydrolysis" A. Anbreen, N. Ramzan, and M. Faheem, Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, Vol. 170, pp. 108695 (2022), 2022

"Review of Hospital Plastic Waste Management Strategies for Pakistan" YQ Gill, M Khurshid, U Abid, MW Ijaz, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (IF=4.223), Accepted/2022, 2022

"A Novel Two-Step Melt Blending Method to Prepare Nano-Silanized Silica- Reinforced Crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) Nanocomposites" YQ Gill, H Ehsan, U Mehmood, MS Irfan, F Saeed, Polymer Bulletin (IF=2.870), Accepted/2022, 2022

"A spreadsheet-based tool for optimal design of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls" Mansoor Shakeel, Rizwan Azam & Muhammad Rizwan Riaz , Switzerland, 7(1)/2022, 2022

"A comparative overview of modeling close-encounters in planetary system" S. Rehman, Bulgarian Astronomical Journal, 36, 2022

"The Relation Between Residential Self-Selection and Urban Mobility in Middle Eastern Cities: the Case of Alexandria, Egypt" Masoumi, H., Ibrahim, M. R., & Aslam, A. B., Urban Forum / Netherlands, pp. 1-27/2021 , 2021

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