Ali Raza, Ph.D.

Ali Raza earned his doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin, USA, as Fulbright scholar, on immunity-based heterogeneous robotic systems. Prior to that, he did his masters in mechatronics engineering and B.E. in mechanical engineering from UET Lahore and NUST, respectively.

He has teaching experience in a variety of different settings: educational, vocational and industrial; national and international. In his classroom, he tries to merge mathematics of the selected topic with interactive demonstrations, without overlooking the need of motivating the students. His research interests, on the other hand, range over the area of human-centered robotics with strong connections to robot heterogeneity, bio-inspirations and intelligent systems. He has a strong interest towards sports-biomechanics as well.

Currently, he is heading the Human-Centered Robotics Lab of the National Center of Robotics and Automation. He is also director of the AI & Robotics Lab in the department of Mechatronics and Control Engineering, UET Lahore.

The detailed CV can be accessed here.