Industrial Guest Lecture on the Importance of Color Psychology in Product Design, Organized by PID Department, UET LHR

The PID dept invited Mr. Ali Tahir to share his expertise on the subject of Color psychology in product Design. Ali graduated from the department of product & industrial design and paved his path into the industry with extreme accountability. He is serving as a Product manager of TOCDOC.

Ali delivered positive engagement among students by sharing interactive visuals and case studies to empower students to use this knowledge in their tasks with confidence.

The speaker ended his lecture with thanks to the chairman PID Dr. Atif Bilal Aslam and the lecture organizers: Ms. Fariha Saeed (Ass. Professor), and Ms. Aiman Amjad for inviting him to the department and encouraging such initiatives of industrial collaborations taken by product and industrial design department, UET, LHR.

UET Lahore