Excellent Research Award 2022

Muteen Munawar, an esteemed alumnus of Department of Electrical, Electronics & Telecom Engineering (EETED) UET FSD, has recently been honored with the "Excellent Research Award 2022" for his research work on "Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Wireless Networks" in South Korea. Muteen, who conducted his research as part of the "Communication and Signal Processing Lab," focused on capacity characterization, low-complexity beamforming solutions, and the development of a novel modulation scheme named "Relative Phase Modulation" for the practical implementation of IRS-Assisted Wireless Networks. The intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) is widely considered one of the most promising technologies for the future of communication systems, and Muteen's contributions in this area have been recognized as truly exceptional. His research findings have been submitted/accepted for publication in several leading IEEE journals, including IEEE TWC, IEEE TVT, and IEEE Access. Overall, Muteen's achievements highlight the critical role of innovative research in advancing the field of wireless communication and signal processing. His work is sure to inspire other researchers to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this exciting and rapidly evolving field. EETED FSD Campus is proud of Muteen and congratulates him for this award.


UET Lahore