The student magazine plays a very important role in an educational institution as it channelizes the budding talented writers and helps in encouraging their writing skills by appraisal which inspires and motivates them to read and write. The publication of ECHO magazine is a reflection and testimony of the imaginative, literary, writing, and editorial abilities of UET students. The launching ceremony of Centennial Edition (2020-2021) was held in the vice-chancellor’s office on 23-12-2022. The Staff Advisor, Prof. Dr. Neelum Naz along with members Editorial Board presented copy of ECHO to the Vice-chancellor

Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar appreciated the efforts of the team for this excellent work and a job well done. While talking to the students he said that the publication of this Centennial Edition wasn’t possible without the collaborative, cooperative, and sustained efforts of the Staff Advisor and the Student Editorial Team. He advised the students that regardless of the circumstances, never stop dreaming and dream big. Follow your dreams with a well-thought plan and carry out the plan with persistent hard work. Cherish diversity, equity, and inclusion, and stay away from bigotry of any kind. In the end, Prof. Dr. Neelum Naz appreciated the vice chancellors for his tremendous support and encouragement in making this arduous task possible.  


UET Lahore