Student-led Flood Relief Camp at UET Lahore

UET Lahore has organized a student-led campaign for collecting funds to help the people affected by the disastrous flood across the country. The university students have set up two camps for collecting cash and other donations.  Around 140 members of 17 students societies are volunteering along with faculty advisors of various societies and staff of the Director Student Affairs (DSA) are running this campaign. Many university students, teachers, and staff have made contributions in the campaign. Today the worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar and DSA Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser visited the camp. Dr Sarwar greatly praised the efforts of students, faculty advisors,  and staff for the charity works that they have undertaken and advised the DSA to organise similar campaigns outside the university as well as on other campuses of the university. The VC also donated one lac rupees to match the cash donations collected during the campaign thus far. The student organisers of this campaign encourage the faculty, staff and students to participate in this noble cause and donate generously to help our fellow citizens in the prevailing miserable situation in flood affected areas.

UET Lahore