Students from Department of Product and Industrial Design presented their thesis project

“Students (session-2017) from the Department of Product and Industrial Design (PID), University and Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore have presented their thesis project on 8th July 2021. The nature of projects includes user-centred design, human-centred design, and proposing unique solution of daily routine problems addressed through designed products. Students have defended their projects by means of displaying their extensive research work, design process, developed prototypes and models. External examiners, including Mr. Sohaib Asharaf, (Masters in Design (University of Milan, Italy), Lecturer, Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design (PIFD)), and Mr. Haider Anwar, (Design Team Lead, Servis Shoe, Paksitan) have evaluated their projects. Examiners were impressed and encouraged the students’ effort, in particular, their through-out professional approach employed. Despite of the emerging challenges (COVID-19) and lockdown situations, supervisory team of all faculty members lead by Mrs. Fareeha Saeed, Dr. Salman Asghar and Mrs. Asma Khalid have used a professional approach and enabled the students to compete their project in time.

UET Lahore