IIOE Orientation Session for Nominated UET Faculty Members

An orientation session on "IIOE (International Institute of Online Education) introduction , account registration and verification" was conducted by UET Lahore being the Rotating Chair of IIOE for the year 2021 in collaboration with IIOE Secretariat on 29 June 2021.
The IIOE (International Institute of Online Education) team in UET Lahore is headed by the worthy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar as President IIOE for the year 2021. In addition Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood , Director KICS is operating as the main Resource Person of IIOE in UET Lahore. Myself, Muhammad Tahir Naeem is operating as POC of IIOE actitivities in UET Lahore.
In order to execute the plan agreed by UET this year, we have organized this 1st orientation session for all the nominees of all departments of UET and its campuses. All faculty members are requested to please initiate the registration and verification process on IIOE platform. We had a very successful training. Please find the recording of the training via the following link and password.
Password: UET-IIOE01
Any faculty member after account verification will be able to access all the resources available on IIOE platform including courses (TVET, Discipline, Teacher Professional Development and Huawei courses), Trainings (Big Data and AI in Education) and different online tools for online teaching/Learning & self ICT competency assessment etc. Verified accounts will also be able to receive a UET-IIOE joint certificate after completion of training available on IIOE. In addition to IIOE resources there will be much more coming in this year including MOOCs Development Training and MOOCs competition as well. An incentive mechanism was designed for winners of this MOOCs Competition by IIOE. The incentive may be in cash or laptops for top ten (10) performing faculty members in the MOOC competition.
The nominated faculty members are requested to please disseminate the information to all other faculty members of their respective departments and ensure the maximum participation in terms of registration & verification first and then paving the way for enrollment in training available on the IIOE platform. 
Please find the links of the Big Data and AI in Education training available on IIOE in addition to courses and assessment tools.

UET Lahore