UET's contribution to Inaugural issue of "CLOUD" : A Quarterly Publication by UNESCO

Publication Theme:  Education reconstruction in the post-epidemic era

"CLOUD" is a quarterly publication established by the UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center (Shenzhen, China). The name of the publication implies global cloud communication and interoperability driven by information and communication technology (ICT). "Cloud World" aims to build a communication platform for connecting global higher education workers by disseminating knowledge, project dynamics, data and best practices related to the digital transformation of global higher education.

UET as a global partner of UNESCO-ICHEI (International Center for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO) contributed in CLOUD publication that was issued on  08-06-2021. UET as a contributor shared its experience and practice during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Link of Inaugural issue of CLOUD Publication: http://ichei.org/dist/index.html#/InauguralIssue?nid=8

UET, Lahore