4th International Conference on Sustainable Textile 2021 & Establishment of “Textile Sustainability Working Group”

As per the direction and vision of Vice Chancellor, UET Lahore, Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Department of Textile Engineering, UET Lahore, Faisalabad Campus under the chairmanship of Dr. Muhammad Mohsin is putting the consistent efforts to support the textile industry of Pakistan as well as towards clean & green initiative of government of Pakistan. UET Department of Textile Engineering has successfully organized the 4th International conference on sustainable textile on 19th May 2021. It was the fourth consecutive conference in so many years reflecting the commitment, dedication and hard work of UET and its textile department towards the target of achieving the textile sustainability. UET Textile department is the only textile department of Pakistan which has organized the four consecutive International conferences in last four years. Although, this year conference was more challenging than the previous years due to COVID situation and lockdown locally and internationally. However, UET Textile department has managed the task with great success. It is not surprising as UET Lahore has already successfully adopted the online education for its undereducated and postgraduate programs due to COVID and lockdown. At the 4th International conference on sustainable textile, UETs own KICS SMS unique 3D studio facility was also used. It was truly an international conference where world renowned foreign experts have shared their technical knowledge and best practices on the area ranging from; textile supply chain, textile machinery, textile process innovation, textile materials, textile digital inks, textile sustainability testing, textile recycling, brands, traceability and environmental impact of textile. 90% speakers of this conference were international. Overall, the conference was a great success, and it was attended online by more than 450 participants from the academia and industry of Pakistan as well as from global participant.

Climax of the conference was its ending ceremony where “Textile Sustainability Working Group” was announced. Textile sustainability is a global challenge, and it needs coherent efforts from various stakeholders like universities, mills, textile chemical companies, testing companies, brands, associations and NGOs to collaborate in order to achieve the target. These efforts are needed not only to attract more international brands, more textile orders, more jobs but for the less usage of resources like good quality water, less wastewater discharge, less air emissions and environment protection of the country. Textile is the backbone of Pakistan economy but situation of textile sustainability in Pakistan needs more joint efforts. Therefore, “Textile sustainability working group” is formed which is led by UET Textile department. UET Textile department has a very strong “Textile Sustainability Research Group” which is working on the area of textile sustainability for the last ten years with great success. Newly formed working group areas are innovative & sustainable yarn development, sustainable textile chemical development, sustainable textile machine development, energy conservation, medical textile, Textile mill productivity improvement, recycling of textile, textile IT based solutions, water and chemical efficient textile process development, sustainable functional materials and sustainability certifications. This group will conduct; training, seminar, regular sharing of knowledge and best practices, mill assessment related to energy conservation, mill assessment related to sustainability and Joint R&D projects. We are really pleased and encouraged by the stakeholders and textile industry response for this initiative. Number of organizations have joined as “Founding active members” like BCI, WWF-Pakistan, Interloop, TTI, CERAD & KICS, while number of more organization are in the process of formal approval and soon they will join this group. We have already established the “Textile sustainability working group online and onsite training conference room at the UET textile department” with the support of the founding members. While more than 70 mills and organizations have joined this working group as member in only last four working days since the start of free membership. Top mills of the country like Nishat, Sapphire, Masood textile mill, Ibrahim Fibers, Sadaqat textile, Crescent textile, CBL, Maria. B, Sitara Textile, Nizam, US group, Style textile, Artistic apparel, cotton web and Kohinoor mills are some of the examples which have joined the group. It clearly reflects the importance of this group as well as the trust of the textile industry on UET and this group. UET encourage all the industry and other stakeholders to join this group and put joint efforts to achieve the target of textile sustainability. This working group will be pivotal in joints efforts to achieve the textile sustainability for the growth of Pakistani textile industry as well as to protect our environment and enable Pakistan to be clean and green.

UET Lahore