ICEWE-2021 (ONLINE) - Information Pack for Participants

International Conference on Energy, Water and Environment, will be held Virtually (ONLINE) 31st March 2021,


Dear Participant,


I hope you are doing great. In compliance to the notification issued by the Govt. of Punjab / HED / UET and in the wake of the 3rd wave of the Corona Pandemic, the organizing committee of the ICEWE- 2021 has decided to shift this event to Virtual Mode.


We are doing it with very heavy hearts and are doing it to ensure safety of the students, staff, teachers, and participants. The response to the conference has been wonderful, and we shall be doing our best to maintain the quality and impact of the event.



 Practical Information about the ICEWE

 For any kind of assistance, you can join this WhatsApp group of ICEWE-2021                               (Follow this link to join ICEWE-2021 WhatsApp group for all related information: (

Please note that the group will be deleted after the conference. Participants are not allowed to post in the group, however, they can contact in private chat with the admin of the group.


Conference Program - Passport 

Detailed Program (Conference Passport) is available now, where you can get complete information of 30 sessions with more than 150 oral presenters' details & networking opportunities with Speakers from 52 different Universities from all over the Pakistan & from around the World including USA, China, UK, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Nigeria, Italy, Brazil, Bosnia & Hungary. The conference agenda and conference passport are available at the conference website


The agenda will be updated on regular basis and poster participants’ data will be added soon. 


Conference Venue:

The conference will be held ONLINE on Zoom software and the link will be provided to all registered participants through email.


Time for Oral and Poster Presentations

  • The duration of the recorded oral presentations will be strictly 10 minutes and the time for recorded Poster presentation will be strictly 2 minutes. Poster participants will demonstrate / conclude about their poster on SINGLE POSTER slide in the same way as mentioned above for the conversion of PPT file to MP4 File.
  • All participants of ORAL AND POSTER category will remain ONLINE during their presentations for the LIVE ONLINE Q/A session. Q/A for Oral and poster category is 5 minutes and 3 minutes maximum, respectively.


MP4 File of Recorded Oral and Poster Presentation Submission Guidelines:

All participants will send their Recorded video MP4 file of oral and poster presentation categories not later than 21st March 2021. Please follow the same PPT template provided before. The tutorial video / demo is available at YouTube.

  1. [If you are using Zoom + PPT]
  2.  [If you have Office 2020 version]

The instructions of conversion of PPT file to MP4 and recording methods are available at conference website.

Once you convert your pre-recorded MP4 file,

  1. Click on the following link to submit your video presentation

2. Click on "Add File" and select "File from computer".

3. Select your respective file. Your file name should be your Track ID i.e. ‘’Energy-123’’ (If you are a poster participant and have not yet got ID, please put your name instead of Track ID).

4. Insert "Your Name" and "Your Email Address".

5. Click on "Upload" to submit your file.

6. You are all done.


Special Issues of International Journals 

The authors (at least one of the authors must be there for oral or poster presentation) who will be successfully giving oral or poster presentations in the conference on 31st March 2021, will be invited by the collaborating journals to submit their full-length papers to be considered for the special issues. The special issues invitation will be sent after the conference. (


CPD One Credit Point information of ICEWE-2021 

Please note that a CPD one credit point certificate under the license of PEC will be awarded upon the ONLINE presence in any 4 sessions during the ICEWE-2021. An ONLINE attendance record will be maintained for this purpose. Accepted authors do not qualify automatically for CPD certificate regardless of payment and/or registration at ICEWE-2021.  For further information, please visit

We look forward to welcoming you on 31st March 2021.



UET Lahore