Urban Mobility in Pandemics: A Comparison of Developed and Developing Countries

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Time: 6pm Doha Time

IHE-ME invites you to attend our Technical Event # 2 via Zoom on 27th October 2020 at 18 00 hrs Doha Time. Covid-19 has affected almost every human being living on earth. Under social distancing obligation and various lockdown impositions by governments of different countries mobility has been affected a lot. The event will focus on the challenges faced by developed and developing countries to cope with Urban Mobility. You must register to attend by using the ‘book now’ button above.

Presenter Bio

Engineer Dr. Izza Anwer has a PhD in intelligent transport system technologies and disaster management from the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK. She has earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Transportation Engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Now she is Assistant Professor in the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

She has over 14 years of experience of research and academics related to multi-perspective domain of transport engineering and planning, urban traffic and safety, urban mobility, mode choices, decision making, resilient communities, policy and practise, data analysis and development of new research directions. Expertise is earned in the fields of informatics (ICT and ITS technologies), mutli-modal traffic management, transport systems, and disasters’ (including disruptions and hazards) management and advanced statistical methods.

Izza, as a specialist, now is contributing her skills and knowledge in national and international agendas, frameworks, plans and policies related to transportation and disasters with a focus in transport system informatics on various forums. She is also effectively pursuing cross-disciplinary collaborations and networking, continuous professional development, and exchange of expertise on renowned forums.

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