Set-up of GCR at IEER through Alumni support

Among 200 students in IEER, the fraction of female students is approximately 120. While, there was no dedicated space in the institute, where girls could say prayers or sit and relax in the off-hours. Thereafter, the institute administration thought of establishing a GCR. However, the economic instability of country during COVID-19 marked impact on the institutions, as well; and their funds were reduced. Due to which, the administration of IEER decided to accomplish this project with the support of institute’s alumni. In this regard, the alumni committee was contacted. President of the committee, Ghayas Ahmed (Session 2005) and secretary of the committee, Saba Gull (Session 2006) mobilized the alumni, raised funds and looked after the construction work of GCR.

An expenditure of approximately 1,000,000 PKR has been over the construction and development of GCR. Its interior and architecture have been designed by Dr. Usman Awan (Assistant Professor UET Lahore). Common room is developed with latest facilities, which include modern tiled toilet and ablution area, eye-catching false ceiling, luxuriant carpet, comfortable sofas, air conditioner, planters and wall panels. This elite interior and luxurious room make up an environment for students, as serene as home.

Girls Common Room reached its completion after a period of 1 year. Professor Dr. Sajjad Haydar Shiekh inaugurated the room on the 6th April, 2020 and the facility was opened for the female students.

UET, Lahore