Seminar on Emotional Intelligence held at Department of Computer Science & Engineering.

Seminar on Emotional Intelligence occurred on the fine day of 24th October, 2019. Event started with the recitation of Holy Quran and the seminar of SE centre resonated with the Name of Allah Almighty. This brought exquisite peace in the room. As the event progressed, organizer of the SAC society invited Maida Shahid to share her findings and views on Emotions and the working of human brain according to those emotions under the supervision of Dr. Awais Hassan. The audience was keen to listen as this topic was related to the human’s day to day life. Maida started her talk with a scenario about a person sitting in the waiting room of a company. He was being bothered by the children making noises. Maida presented this example to shed some light on the Louise Evans concept of “5 chairs 5 choices”. From this, it was concluded that every human can make 5 choices in any situation according to his mindset and emotions. Further, Maida explained that our brain gives upper hand to emotions but we can maintain a balance between the Rational brain and Emotional brain through practice. When she quoted Aristotle, “Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not easy” the room echoed with the cheers and claps. The central theme of the presentation revolved around the fact that, in our educational system, we are just taught analytical skills but not the emotional skills. The punch line of the presentation was “Emotional training is necessary”. She presented the 4 core skills of Emotional Intelligence as given by Daniel Goleman in his book “Emotional Intelligence”. These skills include Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness and Social Skills. The purpose of the presentation was to make the students aware of the importance of Emotional Intelligence and to taught them the strategies to master the cores skills of Emotional Intelligence. Because, in order to succeed in life, one should be aware of his own emotions as well as the emotions of others and then act in a best way to connect with others. Overall, it was an informational and motivational talk and it ended with a purpose to help the students become emotionally intelligent. So that, they can become better Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Researchers and Employees in their professional lives and better partners and parents in their private lives.

UET Lahore