UET’s Signature 2-Day International Conference on Energy Conservation and Efficiency Ends Up with a Success Note

The closing ceremony of a two-day 3 rd International Conference on Energy Conservation and Efficiency 2019 took place in University of Engineering and Technology Lahore on 24 th October 2019. The conference was a joint collaboration of Center for Energy Research and Development (CERAD) UET and Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA). Chief Guest of the closing ceremony was Vice Chancellor UET Lahore Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar who graced the occasion along with other distinguished guests including Dr. Suhail Aftab Qureshi, Dr. Youn Saup (from Guwangju University, South Korea) and Prof. Dr. Bhooming Zhang (from Tsinghua University, China). The ceremony was attended by the faculty, staff and the guests specially invited.

Talking to the audience, Vice Chancellor thanked to the sponsors of the conference in particular the main sponsor/collaborator PEECA. He emphasized on the usage of efficient devices everywhere to save the energy and ultimately our utility bills as well. Prof. Sarwar said we should spread awareness for the energy conservation among the masses of the country so that we can take our country out of the energy crisis.

Dr. Youn Saup thanked all the participants, organizers and especially UET to organize this international energy conference where he got the platform to reveal his views and share his ideas with other speakers and researchers.

Prof. Dr. Bhooming Zhang said that it was his honor to attend this conference where he found a good platform to exchange his research and views with other like-minded people.

Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Director CERAD UET, delivered a brief presentation on the recently wrapped up 3 rd ICECE 2019 and previous two successful conferences and thanked the guests and the participants.

3 rd International Conference on Energy Conservation and Efficiency (ICECE) 2019 was a two-day fair which carried a number of things to attract the researchers, energy experts, industry and academia. It consisted of paper presentations, invited talks, roundtable conference, CERAD (Center for Energy Research and Development) tour and even industrial exhibition where the leading industry put their stalls to showcase their latest products.

22 highest quality papers were presented at the conference and 28 national and international speakers from prestigious institutes and organizations from abroad and Pakistan came to present their talks. The presenters were from GM Power Systems, NEECA, PEECA, NUST, Air Audit, Air University, USPCASE NUST, Ever Fine Corporation China, Effat University Saudi Arabia, CERAD UET, USPCASE Peshawar, BZU Multan, UOL Lahore, Erciyes University Turkey, Gwangju University Korea, Tsinghua University China, UET Lahore, UET Taxila, Comsats Lahore, FJWU Rawalpindi, UET Peshawar, LUMS, SDPI, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, FAST Lahore and PIET Multan.

Big participation from the students from UET and other institutes was seen at the conference. Researchers from the energy field found it lucrative since they got valuable information from the talks and papers and also exchanged ideas with the experts. Socialization among the experts was also witnessed which is always a highlight of any international conference. Recommendations on the central problem of the world in particular the problem of south asia i.e. energy crisis were delivered by the experts from academia and industry. Roundtable conference where the top notch experts from academia and industry were present was held where the subject of ‘Energy and Environment’ was discussed in detail and then recommendations on the subject were presented to work on.

Another highlight of the conference was the industrial exposition where the likes of Jolta Electric, Solar Technologies, Tesla Industries, Get Technologies, Air Audit, Americal Electronics, Royal Bio Energy, DCH Solar Giga and many others showcased their products at their stalls. The industry’s major interest was on the footfalls since they wanted to target the large market of students present in UET. They wanted to showcase their products to the students and grab the market which they succeeded by the end of the day when the day one wrapped up. Solar products were quite in focus and attracted the people out there and this was surely for the energy crisis Pakistan has been going under since a long time. The moderate pricing of the products was the main attention of the people. Industry found it a better place to exhibit their products. Nearly 20 industrial stalls were witnessed packed with the attendees of the conference to get the information.

Paper presentations and invited talks at the conference consisted of the topics such as ‘Design and Analysis of Hybird Power Generation System for Rural Electrification’, ‘The Impact of Domestic Energy Efficiency’, ‘Low Temperature Thermal Energy Storage for Passive Cooling Using Lauryl Alcohol’, ‘Progress in the International Standards for Photoelectric Measurements of LED Lighting Products’, ‘An Event-Driven System for Li-Lion Batteries State of Health Assessment’, ‘Event-Driven Elucidation of the Power Quality Disturbances’, ‘Technco-Economic Analysis of Hybird Renewable Energy Systems for Rural Areas’, ‘Suppression of Dynamic Stall by Leading Edge Slat on a Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine’, ‘Optimization of Quai-e-Azam Solar Park’, ‘Anti-Soiling Nano Particulate Coating on PV-Modules’, ‘Performance Evaluation of Silica- Gel’, ‘Design and Development of a Hybird Solar-Wind Renewable Energy Generator Systems’, ‘Reshaping the Pakistan Generation Mix’, ‘Aligning National Determined Contribution and Energy Efficiency Initiatives’, ‘Energy Conservation in Punjab’, ‘Savings Potential in the Fourth Utility: Compressed Air’, ‘Simulation of Solar angles for maximizing Efficiency of Solar Thermal Collectors’, ‘Load Power Smoothing and DC Bus Voltage Control of PV-SMES Standalone Microgrid based Variable Speed DG using FLC-MPC Approach’, ‘Cost Optimization of Hybrid Microgrid across China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Eastern Route for Rural Electrification in Pakistan’, ‘Design of an Efficient Authentication and Access Control System using RFID’, ‘A Techno-economic based Integrated Planning Approach from Economic Load Dispatch Perspective in Various Distribution Network Topologies’, ‘Enhancing LVRT Capability of Small-Scale Hydro Power System using DFIG’, ‘Experimental Investigation of Using Latent Thermal Energy Storage System Comprising of Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (MgCl2.6H2O) With Domestic Gas Heater’, ’ Development and analysis of electrification of Tri- wheeler Automobile’, ‘Accelerated PSO-Scaled PI Controller for DC-DC Boost Converter in Photovoltaic Systems’, ‘Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generator in Meshed Distribution System’, ‘Biowaste valorisation’, ‘Study of manufacturing process of tubular lead acid batteries’, ‘Smart Grid EMS, ‘Energy scenario of Pakistan’ among others.

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