Department of Mechanical Engineering- KSK organized ‘’PhD Away Day’

Department of Mechanical Engineering KSK organized ‘’PhD Away Day’’ Department of Mechanical Engineering KSK organized ‘’PhD Away Day’’ for the PhD research scholars in mechanical engineering on 7th October 2019. Dr. Muhammad Farooq, Assistant Professor of the department initiated the idea of the Away Day. All PhD Faculty and number of PhD research students participated in the PhD Away Day. Specifically designed for PhD Research Scholars, Away Day successfully brought together a wide range of doctoral researchers in a relaxed and informal setting who discussed their concerns, research progress, including available research facilities and funding opportunities. Different Sessions of the activity held include: 
  • Talk and Q&A of PhD research scholars regarding the issues of different nature they are facing in their research
  • Talk and Q&A by speakers on experiences of interdisciplinary research (available facilities and resource sharing)
  • Talk and Q&A regarding national and International grants, Exchange and funding opportunities.

In the concluding remarks, Chairman of the department Prof. Dr. Shahid Imran shared his views and experience with the PhD scholars. He appreciated the efforts of PhD Faculty members of the department for the active participation in the activity for the maximum benefit of the PhD researchers.  


UET KSK Campus