Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik, Provincial Minister for Energy, Inaugurates Pakistan’s Largest Solar Wall in UET

Pakistan’s largest solar wall, which has been in talks since the time it was made at University of Engineering and Technology Lahore’s Kala Shah Kako campus, was inaugurated by Provincial Minister for Energy Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik on 2 nd May 2019. The wall has been built at UET’s Centre for Energy Research and Development (CERAD). The inauguration ceremony was held in presence of Vice Chancellor UET Lahore Prof. Dr. Aziz Akbar, Director CERAD and KICS UET Lahore Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood, other faculty members, university’ officials, people from other walks of life and abundant of students.


The much-talked about solar wall has been the central attention and focus of all and sundry since its capacity of generating mammoth kilo watts is what drags the masses and everyone off their feet. This solar wall will generate 410 kilo watt energy. While addressing at the occasion Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik said, “Pakistan's industry is currently facing severe energy crisis therefore we should focus on introducing alternate sources of electricity production to overcome this crisis.” “The use of solar energy is more eco-friendly in Pakistan than other countries. Therefore, focusing on solar energy is enough to bring industrial revolution in the country”, the minister added. Vice Chancellor UET Prof. Dr. Aziz Akbar said, “In order to strengthen the economy of country and to overcome the energy crisis we should focus on utilization of renewable energy in the country.”


Prof. Aziz further added his views by saying, “UET has always played its pivotal role in the projects of government and has successfully completed a number of government projects in the past and is currently also working on numerous ones related to government and others. This project of solar wall carries giant importance of a milestone in the field of energy as well.” Vice Chancellor also put emphasis on the need of energy consumption and revealed about a number of projects done and going on related to energy in the university. Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood (Director CERAD and KICS) said, “The need of enhancing the importance and development of energy was much needed due to the increasing demand of electricity in the country.” He further talked about the importance and the features of the solar wall and revealed that it would help out the country by generating electricity. He then appreciated the efforts of the team behind this mega project.



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