Prof. Dr. Nasir Hayat ( Professor )

Dr. Nasir Hayat did his B.Sc. Mech. Engg from UET, Lahore and M.Engg. Sc. from Australia. He completed his PhD from Toyohashi university  of Technology, Japan.

Latest Qualification : PhD

Teaching Courses

  • Mechanics of Material I (3rd semester BSC MECHANICAL)
  • Engineering Economics (4th semester BSC MECHANICAL )
  • Plasicity (Msc MECHANICAL DESIGN)
  • Mechanics of Composites (Msc MECHANICAL DESIGN)

Research Interest

  • Manufacturing,Design,Energy,Optimization
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Prof. Dr. Nasir Hayat

Council Reg. No. Mech-9331
[email protected]
House No. R-22, Staff Colony, UET. Lahore