Prof. Dr. Shazia Arshad ( Professor )

Latest Qualification : PhD

Teaching Courses


Research Interest

  • Software Quality Metrics For Rhetorical Structure Theory Based Information Retreival System
  • Computerzied Inventory Systems
  • Data Streams Management in the Real-time Data Warehouse: Functioning of the Data Streams Processor
  • An Approach To Filter VIP Emails Using Dynamic Weight Assignment Technique
  • Software Metrics For An Efficient Design Of Ontologies
  • A Distributed Information Retrieval Model for Virtualized Resources in Cloud
  • Software Design Quality Metrics For Web Based Applications
  • Frequency Predication Analysis of Flood Data of Chenab River at Marala by generalized extreme value distribution
  • Design Quality metrics for web page: a web application
  • S-OODM : A Secure Object Oriented Methodology
  • Use of Cell Phone for retrieval of multimedia information from web sources
  • An AJAX Powered forms based approach for crawling the deep web
  • Cognitive Radio For Resource Management For Clustered Ad Hoc Networks In Post-Disaster Communications
  • Using Page Size for Controlling Duplicate Query Results in Semantic Web
  • A Model for Web developer to Overcome the Cross Platform Dependency in Mobile Technologies
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Prof. Dr. Shazia Arshad

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