Muhammad Aamir Shehzad ( Lecturer )

Latest Qualification : M.Sc. Engineering

Teaching Courses

  • Introduction to Polymer Science and Enginee
  • Polymer Development & Characterization
  • Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering
  • Engineering and Polymeric Materials
  • Chemical/Polymer Process Industries
  • Industrial Stoichiometry
  • Fluid Flow

Research Interest

  • Advanced Functional Materials and Membranes
  • Conductive Electroactive Polymers
  • Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cells
  • Bipolar Membranes for water splitting
  • Water splitting catalysts
  • Advanced Cation Permselective Membranes
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Muhammad Aamir Shehzad

[email protected]
03334727645, +8615695699321
UET Lahore Pakistan, USTC China