Dr. Usman Ilyas ( Assistant Professor )

Dr. Usman Ilyas is an Assistant Professor in Department of Physics, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. He joined the Department of Physics, UET Lahore as lecturer in 2007 and was awarded fully funded research scholarship under Faculty Development Program to pursue his PhD studies abroad. He started his PhD at Nantional Institute of Education (Natural Sciences Division), Nanyang Technological University Singapore in 2010. His research area mainly focused on plasma assisted growth of Diluted Magnetic Semiconducting materials for Spintronics. During the course of PhD research work, he was awarded Nanyang Technological University Research Scholarship (2012-2014) and Deans Commendation for Research (six times).  He has published 17 papers in peer reviewed journals of international repute and attended professional conferences, workshops, meetings and trainings in different countries. Currently he is supervising different research projects related to plasma assisted nanostructures of different materials for their use in Photovoltaics and Biomedical industry.

Latest Qualification : Ph.D

Teaching Courses

  • Classical Mechanics (MSc)
  • Thermal and Statistical Physics (MSc)
  • Environmental Physics (MSc)
  • Applied Physics (Elect. Eng.)
  • Mechanics and Wave Motion (Comp. Sci. & Eng.)
  • Applied Physics (Chem. Eng.)
  • Engineering Mechanics (Mechanical Eng.)
  • Basic Mechanics (Civil Eng.)

Research Interest

  • Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
  • Oxide-Based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
  • Thin Films of Spintronic Materials
  • Plasma Assisted growth of metal/metal oxide nanosturctures
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Dr. Usman Ilyas
Assistant Professor

[email protected]
Gujranwala, Pakistan