Dr. Muhammad Zaka Emad ( Assistant Professor )

Muhammad Zaka Emad joined the Department of Mining Engineering in 2007. His research and teaching focus on rock mechanics, mine safety with applications to ore dilution, backfill, rockburst problems, destress blasting, rock supports, and slope stability. During his career, he supervised 15 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate students. He also published more than 23 papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings.  He has been  registered as a Professional Engineer with Pakistan Engineering Council since 2007. 

Latest Qualification : Ph.D. (Rock Mechanics)

Teaching Courses

  • MIME 426 Mine Development and Services
  • MIME 333 Materials Handling
  • MIN E 360 Rock Mechanics
  • MIN E 130 Elements of Mining
  • MINE 270 Engineering Geology
  • MIN E 340 Surveying (Lab)
  • MIN E 415 Strata Control
  • Geo E 516 Slope Stability
  • Geo E 502 Rock Mechanics
  • MIN E 380 Explosive Engineering

Research Interest

  • Blast vibration monitoring
  • Materials Handling
  • Ground control in mines and tunnels
  • Rock mechanics - lab and in-situ testing, and numerical modelling
  • Underground mine design and mine services
  • Thin seam coal mining
  • Flyrock and air deck blasting
  • Tunnel design through soft rock
  • Mine backfill
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Dr. Muhammad Zaka Emad
Assistant Professor

[email protected]
+92 333 463 436 1