Mr. Usman Anwar ( Lecturer )

Civil Engineer with experience in diverse fields including claims and project management as Site Manager in Jeddah, contracts administration, procurement and business development in a consultancy firm in Lahore, teaching in UET Lahore, its Narowal campus and Chenab College of Engineering & Technology in Gujranwala, and resource and activity management in an orphanage in Gujranwala. I have experienced and completed challenging professional and co-professional tasks under pressure that has helped me develop a characteristic of staying calm under adverse circumstances. I have experience of handling projects in Jeddah at crucial stages and dealing with Clients and Consultants in difficult times on behalf of the Contractor. I am well-versed with FIDIC, PPRA Procurement Rules and PEC Standard Bidding Documents. I have been able to do my Masters in Engineering Management along with my professional experience which shows my ability to do multi-tasking and handling stringent schedule. I have developed interest in looking for solutions in construction industry disputes, for which I worked on a research project as well. 


Latest Qualification : MSc. Engineering

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Mr. Usman Anwar

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