Ms. Tehrina Ismail ( Lecturer )

I am Lecturer in Department of Electrical Engineering of University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. I have research interest in Renewable Energy Resources, Power Electronics and Electrical Machines. Moreover, I have sound knowledge of Electrical Machines and Protection Systems. I have proficiency in softwares like MATLAB and PWS etc.

Latest Qualification : M.Sc Eelctrical Engineering

Teaching Courses

  • EE-250L: Electric Machinery Fundamental
  • EE-454L: Power System Protection
  • EE-102 : Applied Electricity
  • EE-102L : Applied Electricity
  • EE-451L: Power System Analysis and Design
  • EE-201: Electrical Engineering and Electronic
  • EE-140L: Electrical Technology
  • EE-140: Electrical Technology
  • EE-101L: Electrical and Electronics Workshop

Research Interest

  • 1: Renewable Resources
  • 2: Electric Machines
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Ms. Tehrina Ismail

Council Reg. No. --
[email protected]
Electrical Department UET Lahore