Ms. Aqsa Ahmad ( Lecturer )

Latest Qualification : MS in Electrical Engineering

Teaching Courses

  • EE-321L Analog and Digital Communications
  • EE-213L Analog & Digital Electronic Circuits
  • EE-212L Semiconductor Devices
  • EE-198L Basic Electrical Technology
  • EE-100L Electric Circuits
  • EE-170L Programming Fundamentals
  • EE-102 Applied Electricity
  • EE-102L Applied Electricity
  • EE-140L Electrical Technology
  • EE-199 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engg
  • EE-199L Basic Electrical and Electronics Engg
  • EE-384 Digital Signal Processing

Research Interest

  • Compact Multiband Low Profile Antennas for Ultra-Slim Mobile Phones and Laptop Computer Applications
  • Frequency Reconfigurable MIMO Antennas for Wireless Routers and Variable Sized Tablet PCs
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Ms. Aqsa Ahmad

Council Reg. No. --
[email protected]
Electrical Engineering Department, UET Lahore