Dr. Maria Idrees ( Assistant Professor )

Construction Consultant and Researcher-

I have a keen interest in research activities and innovation works. It is easy for me to start any difficult task. I can make big decisions occasionally.

Cements, Concretes, and new technologies are areas of high interest to me. Nowadays I am working on 3 projects. 

I have supervised research studies on Waste materials incorporated concretes e.g. quarry dust, marble powder, rice husk ash, titanium carbide, silicon carbide, metakaolin, etc. Glow in dark plasters, Glow in dark aggregates, high alumina mortars with SCMs and polymers, Concretes with polymers e.g. SBR latex and powder, PVAc, EVAc, PVAol, EVAol, etc, Specific performance concrete blocks, Acid stained concretes. I have worked with rheometers and colorimeters during my own research projects. I have reviewed 7 papers (mostly ACI structural and material journals) ,2018-2020).

My Moto is: Think Big and do not Compare yourself with others.

Latest Qualification : Ph.D (Civil Engineering/Construction Materials)

Teaching Courses

  • Building material and construction -1
  • Building material and construction 2
  • Building material and construction 3
  • Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering
  • Grad course: Advanced Concrete Technology
  • Grad course: Building Design & Construction
  • Grad course: EarthquakeResistantBuildingStruc
  • Grad Course: Building Structures & aesthetics
  • Grad course: Earthquake Engineering

Research Interest

  • Construction Materials
  • Polymers in concretes
  • Special Concretes
  • High Performance concretes
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Dr. Maria Idrees
Assistant Professor

[email protected]