Abstract The group is actively involved in research activities such as Design and implementation of Remote Optical Loop Tester, Study and implementation of Software Defined Radio using Digital Signal Processor, Implementation of Turbo Codes on a DSP Chip, Demodulation of BPSK using DSP, Implementation of Adaptive Filter using LMS Algorithm.
Group Leader
  • Dr Noor Muhammad Sheikh
  • Dr Imran Sheikh
Group Members
  • Umar Rashid
  • Yasir Latif
  • Waseem abbas
Recent Publications
  • Cost Effective A-Symmetrical Anechoic Chamber Design Using Ray – Optical TechniqueTo be published in International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST 2008) M. I. Sheikh A. S. Hussain

  • Analysis of Optimum Beamformer using Weighted Spatial Smoothing To be published in International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST 2008) S. S. Ali
    M. I. Sheikh

  • Optimum Beamforming for Clutter – Cancellation in Radar Systems  “LUMS 2nd International Conference on Math and its applications in Information Technology” (LICM08), March 9-12,  2008, LUMS, Lahore M. Fahad M. I. Sheikh

  • Improved propagation prediction model for wireless channels using impedance diffraction coefficients Proceedings of the “Fourth IEEE National Multi Topic Conference, (INMIC 2000)”, September 10 –11, 2000, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad M. I. Sheikh H. H. Syed F. Hassan