Research Group Title : MIMO-OFDM Group


The group has developed, using the C-language, a simulation test-bed based on the physical layer of IEEE 802.16e (WiMax) standard. The WiMax standard uses MIMO-OFDM and it is generally believed that the future devices will also incorporate this or some variant of this technology. The group has successfully coded, tested and integrated the following modules

  • Channel coding/decoding,
  • Modulation/demodulation,
  • MIMO-OFDM at transmitter/receiver,
  • METRA channel model and
  • Synchronization.

A group of undergraduate students is currently developing an algorithm that will make the multiple antennas adaptive. The goal is to improve the performance of the system and selecting good channels to transmit your information is one way to achieve that.

Group Leader
  • Dr Asim Loan
Group Members

The following were the founding members of the group however all of them are currently pursuing higher studies abroad:

  • Haleema Mahmood (Stanford)
  • Hassan Jaleel (Georgia Tech)
  • Muhammad Mujeeb-ur-Rahman (Caltech)
  • Muhammad Tahir (Italy)
  • Shahzad Ahmad (Italy)
  • Waqas Javed (Purdue)

Zeshan Ahmad (Ann Arbor)
Some of the undergraduate students who have contributed to this group, during their final year, and are now gainfully employed elsewhere are:

  • Fahad Mahmood
  • Adeel Ahmad Khan
  • Nosherwan Ali
  • Omer Inam
Recent Publications
  • None
    However, Al-Khawarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS) at UET is soliciting funding from the ICT-R&D fund for developing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for various modules developed by the group.