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Course Outline of M.Sc Computer Science

Scheme of Study

Course Code


Credit Hours

Core Courses
CS-601 Advanced Operating Systems 3
CS-602 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
CS-603 Distributed Systems 3
CS-604 Theory of Computation 3
CS-605 Advanced Algorithm Analysis 3
CS-606 Advanced Software Architecture     3
System Engineering Area
CSE-610 Digital Signaling Processing 3
CSE-612 Control Systems  3
CSE-614 Wireless & Mobile Communication 3
CSE-616 Parallel & Distributed Computing    3
CSE-618 Advanced Embedded Systems 3
CSE-620 FPGA Based System Design 3
CSE-646 Computer Vision 3
CSE-648 Digital Image Processing    3
Software Engineering Area
CS-611 Advanced Software Engineering 3
CS-613 Software Quality Assurance 3
CS-615 Object-Oriented Software Engineering 3
CS-619 Web Engineering  3
CS-621 Requirement Engineering   3
CS-623 Advance Web Semantics   3
CS-625 Advanced Topics in  Software Engineering    3
CS-627 Theory of Measurement in  Software Engineering 3
Database Systems Area
CS-629 Web Retrieval and Information Access 3
CS-631 Advanced DBMS                3
CS-633 Advanced Information Retrieval Systems     3
CS-635 Object Oriented Databases                3
CS-637 Web-Based DBMS              3
CS-639 Advance Topics In DBMS                3
Artificial Intelligence Area
CS-640 Knowledge Discovery in Databases                3
CS-641 Design of Intelligent Systems 3
CS-642  Artificial Neural Networks 3
CS-643 Machine Learning 3
CS-644 Expert System and Knowledge Managements 3
CS-645 Intelligent Agents 3
CS-700 Thesis 6

Note:The above list is not exhaustive. Department will add more courses as and when required on the recommendation of PGRC.