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The Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) program builds upon a strong grounding in the basic concepts and subsequent in-depth exposure to functional areas in Business Management including accounting, marketing, finance, operations, project & quality management, innovation, motivation, leadership and computer applications. Students gain advanced preparation in global management, social issues management, team building, managing diversity, business strategy, instilling innovation and responding to the challenging environment of business. The curriculum cultivates written and oral communication skills and the use of leading technology.

Our focus on professional management education is based on the latest developments in academic theory and best business practices while preparing graduates for challenging work environments and advanced academic study.

IB&M fosters an exiting academic environment with collaborative student-faculty interaction, active adult learning approaches, team based experiences and practical applications. IB&M is committed to providing facilities and learning technologies consistent with this educational setup. Students are encouraged to think critically, to practice intellectual curiosity, to explore the bounds of creativity and innovation, to demonstrate scholarly enthusiasm and to pursue business relevance.

This vigorous undergraduate student life at IB&M is complemented by lively extracurricular activities along with strong, market based, consumer driven applied research initiatives. The BBA students shall also get a chance to interact with key industry people and will be encouraged to establish lasting linkages between the academia and industry. Internships and research activities will expose them to another facet of industry in Pakistan and give them a unique point of view from where they will be able to instigate a meaningful positive change.

BBA Program Courses

Semester 1

S No Course code Course title Credits
1 HM-101 English Grammar & Composition 3
2 MT-101 Principles of Management 3
3 CS-101 Introduction to Computers 3
4 BBA-101 Organizational Psychology & Sociology 3
5 BBA-102 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3
5 BBA-102 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3
Total 15

The entire BBA program will be based on at least 140 credit hours broken down over a period of almost 4 years. Details of subsequent semesters will be uploaded soon.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • A minimum of twelve years of education with at least first division.
  • Entrance Test (NAT-I or IB&M Admission Test)*
* Those candidates who have taken UET entrance test are exempted from IB&M/NTS Admission test. However, such applicants must apply separately for BBA Admission test at IB&M, UET.

Fee Structure for MBA Programs

Description Amount
Security (Refundable) Rs. 5,000 (One Time)
Admission fee Rs. 5,000 (One Time)
Course fee @ Rs3000 per Credit Rs. 45,000 Per Semester for 5 courses
Stationery & Lab Rs. 5,000 (Per Semester)
University Registration Fees Rs. 2,000 (One Time)
Application Processing fee Rs. 600 (One Time)
Degree Verification Fee Rs. 2000 (One Time)
Total at Admission Time Rs 64,600 per student

Download BBA Application Form

Please Note: The fee structure may be revised as per the discretion of IB&M Management without any prior notice.

Application Procedure and Bank Account Details

Please download the application form and send the completed application form to Office of Admissions, Institute of Business and Management (IB&M) UET Main Campus, Lahore.

  1. Application forms will not be accepted without proof of submission of application processing fee and incomplete forms will be rejected.
  2. IB&M has the right to add/drop a course based on number of enrollments.
  3. Bank Details
  4. Account Title Account Number Branch
    IB&M, UET Lahore 0128-7900-4548-03 Habib Bank Limited UET Lahore Main Campus Branch