Department of Chemistry




Research is an essential part of the academic activities in the department. Highly qualified faculty, sophisticated research facilities and grants from the university and government funding agencies have played a key role in the scientific development of department. The faculty members are actively involved in research in the following fields.

Physical and electrochemistry: Electro-polymerization and electrochemistry at polymer coated surfaces, Electroplating, Industrial electrodes and electrode processes, Novel electrode materials for anodic oxidation, Semiconductor anodes for light-assisted pollutant degradation, Mechanistic organo-electrochemistry.
Organic/Geochemistry: Study of natural product chemistry and zeolite chemistry, analysis of various organic compounds in the environment.

Inorganic synthesis/coordination chemistry: Synthesis and characterization of new coordination compounds including coordination polymers and the study of their dynamic effects and mechanistic aspects using spectroscopic techniques, solid state chemistry.

Food chemistry: Analysis and characterization of major and minor components of food, their physiological aspects, authenticity and origin; Bioactive constituents of foods; effect of processing on the composition, quality and safety of foods; food additives and preservatives; food database
Environmental chemistry: Analysis of pollutants in food and environment; green chemistry