Department of Chemical Polymer & Composite Material Engineering (New Campus)




Undergraduate Design Projects:

Students work in teams under the supervision of faculty member(s) to produce a co-ordinated design of a major section of process plant. Various presentations, design report and final viva voce by an external examiner are the measures of students’ performance. Important sections of the design report include Literature Survey, Process Selection & Description, Capacity Selection, Mass & Energy Balances, Simulation Case (optional), Detailed Equipment Design, Mechanical Design, Economic Analysis, Instrumentation & Control, HAZOP Study and EIA Report.
List of Undergraduate Design Projects
July 2011 Production of Biodiesel from Algae
July 2011 Production of Urea through ACES process
July 2011 Production of gasoline by catalytic regeneration
July 2011 Production of Dimethyl Ether by Coal Gasification
July 2011 Gasoline Production By Sulphuric Acid Alkylation Of Olefins
July 2011 Production of Ammonia by Kellogg Process, Front End Design
July 2011 Production of Acrylic acid from vapour phase oxidation of propylene
July 2011 Production of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) by using in-situ Underground Coal Gasification Technology

SORPS (SORption Process Simulation) :

SORPS (SORption Process Simulation) is a comprehensive simulator developed for analysis sorption processes developed by Engr. Izzat Iqbal Cheema in co-ordination with Dr.-Ing Naveed Ramzan. The application addresses the need of Engineers and end users to simulate a wide and varied range of batch and column sorption processes. It can be used to develop and identify the best isotherm models, kinetics models, intra-particle diffusion models, thermodynamic properties, breakthrough models and column parameters i.e. bed depth service time (BDST) and empty bed contact time (EBCT). This software is a freeware for educational purposes.