Department of Bio Medical Engineering NWL


Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that is dependent on innovations from multiple sides including engineering, specially, electrical, materials science, chemistry and biology. Biomedical engineers are applying knowledge from these fields in their engineering design to improve human health that is evident from implantable medical devices including prosthetic limbs, pacemakers, stem cells regeneration and breakthrough in identifying biomolecules within cell. Application of engineering techniques in biomedical science is gradually expanding. Today, with the increasing complexity of medical technology, there is a growing demand for technical professionals who can effectively integrate the fields of biomedical science and engineering. Professionals who can understand medical problems within the context of engineering sciences will be able to solve problems that are of interest to both engineers and medical practitioners. Moreover, the Government of Pakistan will be introducing the Medical Devices Act soon. This act will put in place a more comprehensive and stringent set of regulations to ensure the safety of patients and personnel when using medical devices. Suppliers of medical equipment and health centers/hospitals will be made to be more responsible when dealing with medical devices. University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Narowal Campus is keenly interested to offer bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering for time being so that it can produce professionals having real world experience in medical devices and research experience in Biomechanics, Signal processing, Molecular and Cellular technology and Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering. 50 students as per PEC permission but only 26 students are enrolled in session 2017.