UET’s Vision

To generate knowledge for global competitive advantage and become a leading world class research University.

UET’s Mission

To play a leading role as a University of Engineering and Technology in teaching, research, innovation and commercialization that is internationally relevant and has a direct bearing on national industrial, technological and socio-economic development.

Core Values

For the accomplishment of its mission the University is guided by the following core values:-

  • Recognize and reward merit, innovation and creativity.
  • Attain and maintain quality and excellence in teaching and research.
  • Ensure transparency and openness in all academic, financial and public dealings.
  • Follow students centered approach in all policy matters.
  • Recruit, nurture and retain high quality faculty.

UETs Aspiration

The university aspires to be the regional leader and wishes to improve its ranking from top 300 Engineering Universities of the world to top 100 universities of the world.

Future Expansion Plans

i. Enhancing Students Enrolments
To meet the growing need for engineering graduates in the country, UET plans to strengthen / expand its activities without compromising on quality. To this end major objectives/focus areas of the university are:

  • Enhancing students enrolment to 19500 by 2020 and to 22340 by 2030

ii. Faculty Expansion and Development

It is planned to expand faculty 1083 by 2020 & 1241 by 2030

It is planned to have 70% Ph.D. teachers by 2020 & 100% Ph.D. faculty by 2030 in various Campuses.

iii. Expansion / Consolidation of Campuses

Main Campus

  • Main Campus at Lahore shall continue to be the flag bearer of the University with focus on improving the quality of teaching and research enabling it to attain a position among the leading world class Engineering Universities.
  • In order to lay requisite emphasis on research, Undergraduate student’s enrolment shall be maintained around 6000 students.
  • Efforts to transform main Campus into a world class institution shall continue through further strengthening of departments, research centers and formation of research culture. To this end unutilized amount of allocated funds for strengthening of this campus will be spent on improvement of infrastructure, research facilities and faculty development.
  • Postgraduate enrolment shall be gradually enhanced to 4000 students.
  • The campus shall have 70% by 2020, 80% by 2025 and 100% PhDs by 2030.

iv. Internationalization of UET

Following Measures are envisaged in this regard: -

  • Split Ph.D. Programs with foreign institutes shall be promoted.
  • Induction of overseas students will be enhanced 1000 students and better   hostel facilities will be provided to them.
  • International collaboration by various departments and research centers     shall be expanded on similar lines as by Al khawarzimi Institute of      Computer science with MIT, Harvard, SISCO, Cavium etc.
  • Leading departments of UET shall be facilitated in getting ABET accreditation.

v. Improving World Ranking

All out efforts shall be made to further improve UET’s position in world ranking. For this purpose following measures shall be adopted: -

  • University shall be given a, multi disciplinary dimension by expanding Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Architecture & Planning, Institute of Business & Management and Technology Programs.
  • Number of Ph.D. teachers shall be increased.
  • Number of Research Publications in abstracted international journals shall be increased.

vi. Ensuring Financial Sustainability

Over the last two years it has been experienced that the government/HEC is finding it difficult to honour its commitment of Grant in Aid and PSDP allocation to the universities. It has therefore, become imperative to enhance university’s income from own resources. To this end following measures are proposed to be initiated: -

  • Merit based fee structure with deferred payment facility for needy students will be introduced (subject to approval of the Government of Punjab) to make up for the financial squeeze applied by HEC/ Government.
  • Various departments shall generate additional funds through Short Courses. Professional Development Programs and Evening Teaching
  • “Engineering Services UET Pvt. Ltd” – a recently established company, shall be expanded to full scale consultancy, design and project handling services to generate funds.
  • UET has a fairly large and well-placed alumni. This source will be fully tapped to beef up university’s endowment fund.