Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 12, January 2013
Table of Content
1. Behavior of Granular Soils under Dry and Saturated Conditions in Cyclic Torsional Shear Tests 1
M. Aziz , I. Towhata , A. H. Khan and M. A. Saleem
2. Performance of 3rd Generation Locally Available Chemical Admixtures in the Production of SCC 9
M. Yousaf, Z.A.Siddiqi, B. Sharif and A. H. Khan
3. Influence of Heat Treatment on the Autocatalytic Ni-P and Ni-Co-P Deposits 20
A. Ahmad, K.M.Ghauri, L.Ali, A. A. Noshahi and J. P. G. Farr
4. Drift and Cost Comparison of Different Structural Systems for Tall Buildings 27
Asif Hameed, Imran Azeem, Asad-ullah Qazi, Burhan Sharif and Noor Muhammad Khan
5. Solution of Burger’s Equation with the help of Laplace Decomposition Method 39
Zain ul Abadin Zafar, A. Pervaiz , M.O.Ahmed
6. Role of Citizen Community Boards in Promoting Participatory Development in Muzaffargarh District, Pakistan 43
Sara Khan and Ghulam Abbas Anjum
7. Steady and Unsteady Simulation of Lower Bari Doab Canal using SIC Model 60
Mazhar Hussain, Abdul Sattar Shakir and Noor Muhammad Khan
8. Performance of Pozzolanic Concrete Using Different Mineral Admixtures 73
Muhammad Burhan Sharif, Abdullah Anjum, Muhammad Akram Tahir and Muhammad Yousaf
9. Channel Forming Discharge in Rivers: A Case Study of Jhelum River in Pakistan 82
Muhammad Mubashir Qureshi, Abdul Sattar Shakir and Eric Lesleighter
10. The Role of Weld-Deposited Working Layer on the Performance of Hot Forging Dies 95
M. Amin and Liaqat Ali
11. Synthesis and Characterization of Al/SiC Composite Made by Stir Casting Method 102
Khalid Mahmood Ghauri, Liaqat Ali1, Akhlaq Ahmad, Rafiq Ahmad, Kashif Meraj Din. Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary, Ramzan Abdul Karim
12. Improving the Environmental Performance of Bus-based Public Transport System in Lahore-Pakistan 111
R. Hameed1and G.A. Anjum
13. A Review of Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand Models for Large Rivers 127
Husnain Haider, Waris Al and Sajjad Haydar
14. Residents’ Perception and Analysis of the Contemporary Neighbourhood Design Practices in Lahore, Pakistan 143
Obaidullah Nadeem1, Rizwan Hameed, S. Shabih-ul-Hassan Zaidi, Sajjad Haydar, Husnain Haider and Humaira Tabassum