Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 11, July 2012
Table of Content
1. Toggling and Circular Partial Distortion Elimination Algorithms to Speedup Speaker Identification based on Vector Quantization 1
Muhammad Afzal, Mohammad A. Maud and Ali Hammad Akbar
2. Spatial and Temporal Appraisal of Groundwater Depth and Quality in LBDC Command-Issues and Options 14
Muhammad Basharat
3. Estimation of porosity of Khewra Sandstone of Cambrian age by using Helium Porosimeter and its application in reservoir evaluation 30
Mohammad Saleem Khan, Amanat Ali Bhatti, Syed Tahir Ali Gillani, Muhammad Aamir Qadri and Arshad Raza
4. Performance of HTV SiR as Outdoor insulation at High Altitudes 34
Muhammad Amin and Mohammad Akbar
5. Gradually Varied Flow Computation in Series, Tree Type and Looped Compound Channel Networks 47
Ghulam Nabi, H. Reddy and Habib-ur-Rehman
6. Rutting Based Evaluation Of Asphalt Mixes 60
Kamran Muzaffar Khan and Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal
7. Nondestructive Evaluation of an Existing Concrete Structure using Load Test and Core Test 66
M. A. Saleem, Z. A. Siddiqi, M. A. Javed and M. Aziz
8. Flow Variation in Astore River under Assumed Glaciated Extents Due to Climate Change 73
Usman Ali Naeem, Hashim Nisar Hashmi, Muhammad Ali Shamim and Naeem Ejaz
9. Field Verification of Social and Environmental Issues of Selected Water Sector Projects in Punjab – Pakistan 82
Afaf Ayesha
10. ZZ Fourth Order Compact BVM for the Equation of Lateral Heat Loss 96
Zain Ul Abadin Zafar, M.O. Ahmad, A. Pervaiz and Nazir Ahmad
11. Performance Prediction of Hot Mix Asphalt from Asphalt Binders 104
Imran Hafeez, Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal, Muhammad Reza Ahadi , Qamar Shahzad and Nadia Bashir,
12. Control of Combustion Generated Emissions from Spark Ignition Engines: A Review 114
M. Mansha, Ejaz M. Shahid and A.H. Qureshi
13. Thermoeconomic Lifecycle Cost Optimization of an Annular Fin Heat Exchanger 129
L. A. Khan and F. M. Mahfouz ,