Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
January, 2008

Table of Contents
1 Structure of Non-Evaporating Diesel Sprays
M. R. Mirza, A. R. Baluch and Z. R. Tahir
2 Mixture Proportioning of Fly Ash-Concretes Based on Mortar Strength and Flow Data
A. Nusrat and M. A. Tahir
3 Effect of Coating-thickness on the Formability of Hot Dip Alunimized Steel
G. H. Awan, F. Ahmed, L. Ali, M. S. Shuja and F. Hasan
4 Risk Analysis for Construction and Operation of Gas Pipeline Projects in Pakistan
S. Mubin and G. Mubin
5 IR and Visible Radiation from Laser Induced Silver Plasma
M. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, M. S. Rafique, A. Latif, K. A. Bhatti and F. Hussain
6 A View Extension to an Object-Oriented Type System
M. Naeem and C. J. Harrison
7 Present Condition and Causes of Decay of Tomb of Jahangir at Shahdara, Lahore
M. Y. Awan and N. S. Kazmi
8 Low Cost Earthquake Resistant Ferrocement Small House
M. A. Saleem and M. Ashraf
9 Transformation of Urban Open Spaces of Lahore: From Chairing Cross to Faisal Square
N. Naz and Z. Ashraf
10 Effect of Rebar Cover and Development Length on Bond and Slip in High Strength Concrete
K. Ahmed, Z. A. Siddiqi, M. Ashraf and A. Ghaffar
11 Deposition of ZnO Thin Film on Calcite(CaCO3) Substrate via PLD at Room Temperature
M. Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, A. Sattar, M. S. Rafique and A. Aslam