Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Volume 10, January2012

Table of Contents

1. Heat Transfer Augmentation Through Electric Fan Heater Using Computational Fluid Dynamics.
M. Ahmad, M. Shafiq and I.A. Chaudhry
2. A comparative study on VOCs and Aldehyde-ketone Emissions from a Spark Ignition Car Fueled on Compressed Natural Gas and Gasoline
Asad Naeem Shah, Ge Yun-Shan, Tan Jian-Wei and Wand Jun-Fang
3. Finite Element Solution For Two Dimensional Laplace Equation With Dirichlet Boundary Conditions
M. Shabbir, M. Rafiq and M.O.Ahmed, A. Pervaiz, R. Siddique
4. Towards a Robust and Scalable Semantic Service Discovery Scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Network
Noman Islam and  Zubair A. Shaikh
5. Handwritten Character Recognition Using Multiclass SVM Classification with Hybrid Feature Extraction
Muhammad Naeem Ayyaz, Imran Javed and Waqar Mahmood
6. Investigating the Effects of Maximum Size of Aggregate on Rutting Potential of Stone Mastic Asphalt
Imran Hafeez, Mumtaz Ahmed Kamal, Ayaz Aziz, Muhammad Waseem Mirza
7. Diurnal Variations in Wastewater Characteristics at Main Outfall in Lahore
Husnain Haider & Waris Ali
8. Cost Comparison of Inverted Tee Girder with I-Girder: A Case Study of Shalimar Flyover
Asif Hameed, Umer Farooq, Asad-ullah Qazi, and Burhan Sharif
9. Environmental Impacts of Small Dams on Agriculture and Ground Water Development: a Case Study of Khanpur Dam, Pakistan.
Naeem Ejaz, Usman Ali Naeem, Muhammad Ali Shahmim, Ayub Elahi, N. M. Khan
10. Heart Pleasing and Praise Worthy Buildings Reviewing Mughal Architecture in the light of Primary Sources
Abdul Rehman and Munazzah Akhtar
11. Effect of Mehmood Booti Landfill Site in Lahore on ground water quality
S.Haydar, H. Haider, J. A. Aziz, A.Faragh
12. Push over Analysis of Steel Strengthened Masonry
Farooq S. H, Ilyas M, Rizwan M