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"Effect of Loading Rate on the Felicity effect of Three Rock Types" Y. Zhang, Chen Yulong, P. Jin, W. Yang, and Muhammad Irfan, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Springer, (Online First Article) DOI: doi:10.1007/s00603-017-1178-2, 2017

"CFD analysis to study the fluid flow behavior in shell and tube heat exchangers using different baffle spacing " M. S. Akram, M. Farooq*, R. Shahukat, A. Qamar, M. Sana, U. Saleem, Journal of Thermal Science, Submitted for Publication (May-2017), 2017

"Effect of the CO2 enhancement on the performance of a micro gas turbine with a pilot-scale CO2 capture plant" Ali, U., K.J. Hughes, D.B. Ingham, L. Ma, M. Pourkashanian, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Vol. 117, pp. 1-23 (2017), 2017

"Investigation of Induced Residual Stresses in Orthogonal Cutting using Updated Lagrangian Formulation" F. Fazal, S. A. Khan, M. Farooq*, A. Qamar, M. Amjad, Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Under Review (May-2017), 2017

"Perovskite Nanowire Arrays with Improved Stability and Optoelectronic Devices" Z Fan, A Waleed, L Gu, MM Tavakoli, D Zhang, and Q Zhang, PIERS, St Petersburg, Russia, 22-27 May 2017, 2017

"An Algorithm of Association Rule Mining for Microbial Energy Prospection" Muhammad Shaheen, Muhammad Shahbaz, Scientific Reports - Nature (Impact Factor: 5.525), April 2017, 2017

"An Investigation of Changes Occurring in the Historical Structure of Old City of Gujrat: A Study of Residential Area in Gujrat Fort" Samrana Waqar, M.Arch Dissertation, 2017, 2017

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