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"A-site Cation Effect on Growth Thermodynamics and Photoconductive Properties in Ultra-pure Lead Iodine Perovskite Monocrystalline Wires" L Wang, Y Huang, A Waleed, K Wu, C Lin, Z Wang, G Zheng, Z Fan, J Sun, H Zhou, L Sun, C-H Yan, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.7b05875, 2017

"BIO-SORPTION OF NICKEL ON MODIFIED PHOENIX DACTYLIFERA L. SEEDS" Zohaib Atiq Khan, Aneela Anwar, Khurram Shahzad, Sadiq Hussain, Muhammad Tariq, Journal of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Pakistan, Vol 22 No.2, 2016

"The Economic Analysis of Portable Photo Voltaic Reverse Osmosis (PVRO) System." H. Bilal, Abdul H. Alami, M. Farooq, A. Qamar, F. A. Siddiqui, Technical Journal, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila, Pakistan, Vol. 21 Issue 2 (2016) P. 19-24, 2016

"Surface topographical and structural analysis of Ag+-implanted polymethylmethacrylate." Shafaq Arif, M. Shahid Rafique, Farhat Saleemi, Fabian Naab, Ovidiu Toader, Riffat Sagheer, Shazia Bashir, Rehana Zia, Khurram Siraj, Saman Iqbal., Netherland, 381, 114-121 (2016), 2016

"Epitaxial thin-film growth of Ruddlesden–Popper-type Ba3Zr2O7 from a BaZrO3 target by pulsed laser deposition." Shariqa Hassan Butt, M. S. Rafique, Khurram Siraj, A. Latif, Amina Afzal, M. S. Awan, Shazia Bashir, Nida Iqbal., Applied Physics A, Materials Science & Processing.(Germany). [ISSN: 0947-8396 (print version)], 122,658 (1-9), (2016). , 2016

"Application of Intelligent Agents in Health-Care: Review" Sajid Iqbal, Wasif Altaf, Muhammad Aslam, Artificial Intelligence Review Journal, Jan. 2016. , 2016

"Performance Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management Model of Lahore: A Case Study of Two Turkish Contractors" Sajjad Haydar, Misbah Afaq, Ghulam Hussain, and Ghayas Ahmad, Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences: Pakistan Academy of Sciences B. Life and Environmental Sciences (HEC Recognized; X-Category), 53 (2): 69–81 (2016) , 2016

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