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"Latest perspectives of orally bioavailable 2,4- diarylaminopyrimidine analogues (DAAPalogues) as anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors: discovery and clinical developments" Muhammad Latif, Zaman Ashraf, Sulman Basit, Abdul Ghaffar, Muhammad Sohail Zafar, Aamer Saeed, Sultan Ayoub Meo, RSC Advances (RSC), 2018, 8, 16470-16493, 2018

"Constituents of Volatile Oil from Bark of Clerodendrum serratum (L.) and its Antibacterial Activity" Rahat Noreen, Azeem Intisar, Abdul Ghaffar, Farkhanda Jabeen, Muhammad Amin Abid, Muhammad Imran Din, Muhammad Irfan, Faiza Faiz, Tayyaba Sattar, Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants (Taylor & Francis), 2018, 21, 198-205, 2018

"Anion Exchange Membranes with Branched Ionic Cluster for Fuel Cells" Yubin He , Xiaolin Ge, Xian Liang , Jianjun Zhang , Muhammad A. Shehzad , Yuan Zhu , Zhengjin Yang , Liang Wu and Tongwen Xu, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, 5993-5998, 2018, 2018

"Asymmetric porous monovalent cation perm-selective membranes with an ultrathin polyamide selective layer for cations separation" Linxiao Hou, Bin Wu, Dongbo Yu, Simeng Wang, Muhmmad Aamir Shehzad, Rongqiang Fu, Zhaoming Liu, Qiuhua Li, Yubin He, Noor Ul Afsar, Chenxiao Jiang, Liang Ge, Tongwen Xu, Journal of Membrane Science, 557, 2018, 2018

"Achieving High Anion Conductivity by Densely Grafting of Ionic Strings" Yubin He, Jianjun Zhang, Xian Liang, Muhammad A. Shehzad, Xiaolin Ge, Yuan Zhu, Min Hu, Zhengjin Yang, Liang Wu, Tongwen Xu, Journal of Membrane Science, 2018, 2018

"Complexation Electrodialysis as a General Method to Simultaneously Treat Wastewaters with Metal and Organic Matter" Chenxiao Jiang, Hanlin Chen, Yilue Zhang, Hongyan Feng, Muhammad Aamir Shehzad, Yaoming Wang, Tongwen Xu, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018, 2018

"Outstandingly acid recovery through graphene oxide sheets-type anion exchange membranes " Muhammad Aamir Shehzad; Aqsa Yasmin , Energy Systems for Sustainable Development, 74, 2018, 2018

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