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"Part-load performance of direct-firing and co-firing of coal and biomass in a power generation system integrated with a CO2 capture and compression system" Usman Ali, Muhammad Akram, Carolina Font-Palma, Derek B.Ingham, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Fuel, In Press, 2017

"Efficiency Enhancement of Banana Peel for Waste Water Treatment through Chemical Adsorption" Atif Khan*, Hassan Javed Naqvi, Shabana Afzal, Shaista Jabeen, Misbah Iqbal, and Iram Riaz, Pakistan, 54/2017, 2017

"Thermal and hydraulic optimization of plate heat exchanger using multi objective genetic algorithm" M. Imran, N. A. Pambudi, M. Farooq, Case Studies in Thermal Engineering, Vol. 10 p. 570-578, 2017

"Thermo-Economic comparison of air-cooled and cooling tower based Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) with R245fa and R1233zde as candidate working fluids for different geographical climate conditions" Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Imran, Youngmin Yang, Dong Hyun Lee, Byung-Sik Park, Energy - United Kingdom, 123, 2017

"Experimental investigation of organic Rankine cycle control system adapting sliding pressure strategy under proportional integral with feed-forward and compensator" Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Imran, Byung-Sik Park, Applied Thermal Engineering - United Kingdom, 110, 2017

"Flow boiling of R245fa in the brazed plate heat exchanger: Thermal and hydraulic performance assessment" Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Usman, Yongmin Yang, Byung-Sik Park, International journal of Heat & Mass transfer - United Kindom, 110, 2017

"The feasibility analysis for the concept of low temperature district heating network with cascade utilization of heat between networks" 9. Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Usman, Yong Hoon Im, Park Byung Sik, Energy Procedia - United Kingdom, 116, 2017

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